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2011-12: Over 1,500 Credentials Issued in Science




The state of California released some quick teacher credentialing facts this week: New Credentials Issued in Science Content Areas: 2011-2012.

According to the report, “more than 8,500 new Single Subject Teaching Credentials were issued in various content areas in 2011-12 with more than 1,500 of those credentials issued in different science content areas.”

There are ambiguities in these numbers. Table B (page 3) in the April 2013 report titled Teacher Supply in California: A Report to the Legislature Annual Report 2011-2012 states 5190 single subject credentials were issued. Table E discusses preliminary credentials and states a number of 6,520 single subject preliminary credentials.

The difference between the August and April reports may be in preliminary versus clear credentials but this is ambiguous at this time.

Regardless, the number of individuals interested in teaching in California has been decreasing. One measure is the CBEST and CSET Writing exams. “Overall, the number of Commission administered basic skills examinees (CBEST and CSET Writing) decreased by about 17,000 or 40 percent in the past five years” (p. 10).


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Robert Heiny
10 years ago

That's an interesting set of facts you've reported. How do state education officials, or at least the report writers, account for the decrease in administration of CBEST and CSET? Not as many people qualify to take them, out migration from the state of qualified potential candidates to take the exam, disinterest in public schools, …? Surely someone has opined or reported.

Robert Heiny
10 years ago

The 1,500 new science credentials issued is good news, but is it an adequate number to match the annual number of retiring science teachers in California?