1940s Articles

Scott, C. W. (1940, June). Teacher tenure. Review of Educational Research, 10(3), 235-239.

Discusses 22 studies. Unfortunately, I have not been able to get access to this article but can view one page on the JSTOR site.

Gray, W. T. (1948). Factors affecting teacher tenure in the Appalachian Highlands. Rural Sociology, 13(3),295-307.

Teacher tenure in Knox County averages 1.73 years. Factors influencing tenure are geographic isolation, high pupil-teacher ratio, lack of books, low salaries, and relationship with local school officials. The paper includes an historical overview of the educational system in Knox County.Methodology included particIpant observer and statistical case study. Study included 449 one-room school teachers and 297 two-room school teachers, and 330 teachers from consolidated schools. There is a note regarding the influence of the war on the study.