XenWord 3.2.0 – Introducing Comment Moderation


XenWord 3.2.0 is now available for download in the store. This release includes a new bootstrap file and class to check the PHP version on the server; XenWord 3.2 and above will require a minimum of PHP 5.3. The release also includes a new comment moderation system.

The release of WordPress 4.7 is very soon and WordPress developers recommend PHP 5.6 or greater. The XenForo 2.0 demo now available for viewing uses namespaces, a feature only available with PHP 5.3 and above. Therefore, XenWord includes a PHP check to make sure the server has at least PHP 5.3. If this is not met then the plugin will not activate and a notice will be placed. Of course, PHP 5.3 has been an unsupported branch since August 2014.

A very important feature in XenWord 3.2 is the addition of comment moderation. Webmasters may set the Settings->Discussion to “ ” and comments or XenForo replies are kept in a moderation queue until released. This involved a major change in the XenWord Comment System.

( 118 ) – November 13, 2016

Tested with WordPress 4.7 beta 4
Bootstrap file is now a class
PHP Version Check – Plugin requires PHP 5.3+
New Comment Moderation feature
New System: Promotion. Started files. Will work through on 3.2+ [Turned Off] Added public hook() and called from __construct in class-xenword-loader.php
Bug Fix: Extra double quote in dl for xenword-dashboard-widget.php

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5 years ago

Hi [USER=6][/USER] , ever since the 3.0 GOLD version, I can't seem to get the dual login to work properly. If I use version 3.0, it works without a problem.

5 years ago

Correction, I accidentally deleted some information in my cache plugin. I added it back and it seems to work now.

5 years ago

[QUOTE="artofwargaming, post: 1942665, member: 23985"]I accidentally deleted some information in my cache plugin[/QUOTE]

Happens to me all of the time.