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Apple March 8, 2022 Event

Apple announced several products during their March 8, 2022, event. Studio Display Mac Studio iPad air iPhone SE iPhone 13 and 13 Pro color addition Some of the products will...

Eastman files motion for exculpatory information and continuance

In response to the January 6 Select Committee Brief to Eastman Privilege Assertions, Eastman has filed a new motion with the court. A request for the court to require...

February 2022 Employment Report

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today that total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 678,000. The unemployment rate edged down to 3.8 percent The employment number exceeded forecasts The...

XenWord 3.2.0 – Introducing Comment Moderation

XenWord 3.2.0 is now available for download in the store. This release includes a new bootstrap file and class to check the PHP version on the server; XenWord 3.2 and above will require a minimum of PHP 5.3. The release also includes a new comment moderation system.

The release of WordPress 4.7 is very soon and WordPress developers recommend PHP 5.6 or greater. The XenForo 2.0 demo now available for viewing uses namespaces, a feature only available with PHP 5.3 and above. Therefore, XenWord includes a PHP check to make sure the server has at least PHP 5.3. If this is not met then the plugin will not activate and a notice will be placed. Of course, PHP 5.3 has been an unsupported branch since August 2014.

A very important feature in XenWord 3.2 is the addition of comment moderation. Webmasters may set the Settings->Discussion to “ ” and comments or XenForo replies are kept in a moderation queue until released. This involved a major change in the XenWord Comment System.

( 118 ) – November 13, 2016

Tested with WordPress 4.7 beta 4
Bootstrap file is now a class
PHP Version Check – Plugin requires PHP 5.3+
New Comment Moderation feature
New System: Promotion. Started files. Will work through on 3.2+ [Turned Off] Added public hook() and called from __construct in class-xenword-loader.php
Bug Fix: Extra double quote in dl for xenword-dashboard-widget.php


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6 years ago

Hi [USER=6][/USER] , ever since the 3.0 GOLD version, I can't seem to get the dual login to work properly. If I use version 3.0, it works without a problem.

6 years ago

Correction, I accidentally deleted some information in my cache plugin. I added it back and it seems to work now.

6 years ago

[QUOTE="artofwargaming, post: 1942665, member: 23985"]I accidentally deleted some information in my cache plugin[/QUOTE]

Happens to me all of the time.

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