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Cleaned up Two Sections / Categories: WIN and Retaining Teachers




I spent last weekend cleaning up A Learners’ View for my dad. This Saturday was spent on two other sections of the website.

While moving from one city to another, commuting over 200 miles a day, and focusing on XenWord, several sections of the site collapsed. Two sections of the website have been in horrible disrepair and I finally worked on them this week. They are not perfect but they are much better.

Retaining Teachers

The section retaining teachers is based on doctoral work from 2006-2009. It contains research articles and studies about teacher retention. The work has been cited by others and the disorganization has been an embarrassment.

The pages were first moved under a parent page for retaining teachers. Next a simple menu linking the pages was built. The Newspaper 7 theme allows custom sidebars and a custom menu was inserted to the left side of the site.

Retaining Teachers 5-21-2016
Landing Page for Retaining Teachers, www.retainingteachers.com

What Is New

The oldest section of the website is from the ESC Technologies What is New pages started in 1996. In 2009, the site was moved into Drupal but the work was never completed. The original work was done in a custom website design created in the 90s. Drupal was quickly abandoned as we moved everything to WordPress. Unfortunately, the work was not imported into this site until today.

What Is New began as a daily update regarding products.
What Is New began as a daily update regarding products.

Each section still requires clean up but the work is no longer separated from the rest of the site. I hope to continue integrating the work for easier navigation.