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  1. B

    XenWord Pro 2017 Licensing Enquiry/Using with staging & live Servers

    Hi, Currently testing out the free trial, interested in the pro lifetime access version... Just need to know whether it's okay for the sake of testing/demonstration purposes, to have the pro lifetime access version initially tied between a wordpress staging site and xenforo installation, and...
  2. H

    XenForo 1 migrate xenforo 1.5 users to WordPress

    Hello all, I have a question, i bought XenWord Plugin also i use 1.5 XenForo install & WordPress 4.8. I want to migrate all XenForo users with my WordPress, but the point is, this installs have seperate serves how is that possible ? Any idea ? Thank you so much.
  3. LPH

    Alpha XenWord Pro 2017.10.22 is available for download

    An alpha release of XenWord Pro 2017 is now available for download by all license holders. This version is for testing only. Do NOT use on a production server. Instead, use XenWord 3.5.2 for live sites. This version includes a switch between XenForo 1 and XenForo 2 installations. I would...
  4. LPH

    XenWord Available for Download

    XenWord is now available for download. This release has an important bug fix for themes picking up on the xenforo.js error call. This was my mistake in not knowing the public link method by XenForo wouldn't work on CSS and .js files. A second important change is the copying of deleted...
  5. LPH

    XenWord WordPress Dashboard Support Widget

    XenWord now includes a WordPress dashboard support widget. This is enabled through the XenWord options panel and is off by default. Some sites have been testing some of the changes made under a version labeled This has been bumped due to the addition of the widget as well...
  6. Gracie

    Under Consideration: Added Prefix

    @LPH Added an "Under Consideration" prefix for the suggestions forum.
  7. LPH

    XenForo 2 XenWord Pro 2017 Notes

    XenForo 2 Developer Preview has been available for at least a week and I've had time to work through some of the ideas. Many of the new concepts are making XenWord much easier to code. For example, pulling the latest threads code is much simpler: $limit = 10; $finder =...
  8. LPH

    3.4.0 is Available

    XenWord 3.4.0 is now available for download. Important Changes Two new features make this release more than a maintenance release. Requests were made for quotes around excerpts to be optional and changes to the default behavior of the create thread checkbox. An important bug fix is now...
  9. LPH

    XenWord Available for Download

    XenWord 3.3.4 is now available for download. Important Changes This is a maintenance release with important bug fixes for the Facebook sprite and checkbox option for pages. Pages were not being written if the WP Post setting was off and WP Page setting was on. Additionally, the settings...
  10. LPH

    XenWord 4 - Connection Established

    XenWord 4 is the compatible version for XenForo 2. Development began yesterday and most of the time has been spent reading and trying to understand The Finder and Entities. A few moments ago, @Mike and @Chris D helped figure out a snag on getting login to work properly and the cookies to be...
  11. LPH

    XenWord 3.3.3 Available for Download

    XenWord 3.3.3 is now available for download. Important Changes A major refactoring of the file for adding users to the WordPress database was completed. This file has separate methods for each of the tasks and should make isolating any bugs or feature enhancements easier. This version adds a...
  12. Checkbox Option For Thread Creation

    Checkbox Option For Thread Creation

    Early versions of XenWord automatically created a thread. Some customers asked for the allow comments to be used as a conditional for creating the thread. If unchecked then XenWord would not create the thread. This created confusion for some people who simply wanted an option available to...
  13. LPH

    XenWord 3.3.2 Available for Download

    Release 3.3.2 is a maintenance release. If you are using the default forum option then please upgrade to avoid duplicate posts. ( 122 ) - January 8, 2017 Bug Fix: Quoting multi-line text in Posts.php. Bug Fix: XenWord_Login class hook into plugins_loaded rather than after_setup_theme...
  14. LPH

    XenWord Showcase

    LPH submitted a new blog post XenWord Showcase Continue reading the Original Blog Post.
  15. LPH

    XenWord 3.3.1 Released For Download

    XenWord 3.3.1 is a maintenance release, which also adds a new feature and improves support for a XenForo addon. New Feature Updating a custom post on the WordPress side does not automatically update the XenForo side. This feature has been added. Improved Feature Post Ratings support is greatly...
  16. Improving Post Ratings

    Improving Post Ratings

    The Post Ratings addon by Luke is an essential XenForo addon. Basic XenWord support for the addon was included in April 2015, release 2.5.0 ( number 78 ) and the last changes were made in March 2016. Since support has been limited to showing likes on the WordPress side then I've been trying to...
  17. LPH

    XenWord 3.3.0 Is Available For Download

    XenWord 3.3.0 is available for download. The majority of focus is on the widget system and a few hidden bugs found during isolation testing. A new wide view widget is available. ( 120 ) - December 28, 2016 Tested with WordPress 4.7 New widget: Show Latest Community Threads - wide...
  18. Latest threads in a wide view

    Latest threads in a wide view

    The new WordPress widget for showing the latest threads in a wide view is now included in XenWord 3.3. The widget is live on the front landing page of the website. Even though this widget was built a few days ago, I changed the coding today to respect the User permissions. If a forum is hidden...
  19. User Blogs System Widget

    User Blogs System Widget

    A widget for showing the latest blog entry was added to XenWord 3.3 and is live on this site. This is the first row of the main loading page on the WordPress side. The CSS is not included in the xenword-public.css file and is very easy to add in the customizer CSS available in WordPress 4.7...
  20. Featured Thread and Forum Widgets

    Featured Thread and Forum Widgets

    The featured thread and forum widgets have been reworked. The select dropdown is populated with information pulled from a model rather than from a direct query to the database. The parsing of the featured thread has also been changed. Several div tags were added so that the overall look of the...