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XenWord 3.3.0 Is Available For Download


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XenWord 3.3.0 is available for download. The majority of focus is on the widget system and a few hidden bugs found during isolation testing. A new wide view widget is available.

( 120 ) - December 28, 2016
Tested with WordPress 4.7
New widget: Show Latest Community Threads - wide view
Added support for Icewind Total Forum Thread View
Added conditional if $forum_id is empty. Use forum default.
Rewrote online, top-poster, staff online widgets
Rewrote xenword-dashboard-widget.php and xenword-board-totals-widget.php
Rewrote xenword-thread-all-forums-widget.php to use a view
Rewrote xenword-forum-by-category-widget.php, removed direct database queries
Rewrote xenword-featured-thread-widget.php, added CSS tags and read more link.
Rewrote xenword-featured-forum-widget.php, used XenForo models rather than queries
Rewrote class-xenword-redirects.php
Rewrote thread creation to include a fallback forum.
Rewrote uninstall.php to include proper conditional if thread_id isset
Adjusted xenword-public.css after changes to widgets.
Bug Fix: xenword_public_stylesheet - use dirname instead of ../
Bug Fix: WP_Widget::form return 'noform' or $instance
Bug Fix: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() class-xenword-thread-creation.php
Bug Fix: Notice: Undefined index: custom_post_type class-xenword-thread-creation.php


Please do not overwrite files. Upload through the add new plugin backend of WordPress. Always backup your files and database prior to installing.

Bug Reports
Please post any bugs you've found in the bug reports forum.

I've started work on XenWord 3.4 and am attempting to incorporate a new search feature and thread promotion. Some of this code has been sitting in unlinked files for several versions.


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Upload through the add new plugin backend of WordPress
Where can I find this option in the Wordpress backend?

Or is this update method better?

Method 2: Using the xenword-versionnumber
To upgrade an existing WordPress - XenForo bridge installation, you will need to extract the zip.
Upload the files to the new xenword-version directory
Go to WP Admin
Deactivate the plugin.
Login with your WordPress admin account
Activate the new plugin.
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@ReneS - please check your settings for thread creation and save. Feel free to open a support thread or ticket with settings and details. Most likely this is a setting not saved.