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Applying science to a hardware or software product is technology. Let's talk about the latest science and technology advances.

  1. Latest Tech Rumors

    Do you have special knowledge about a future product? Maybe you've found a good story about future products and want to share it. This is the place for members to talk about the latest rumors in technology. Go for it.
  2. Cloud Computing

    The cloud is a metaphor for applications available on the internet and accessed through a browser
  3. Gaming Communities

    Gaming is a passion for some and a hobby for others.
    Latest: I have to admit LPH, Apr 29, 2014
  4. Social Networking Communities

    Articles about web 2.0 and web 3.0, collaboration, and social networking
  5. Software Communities

    Millions of software products are on the market. Maybe you want to share your positive or negative experience. Maybe you have a question or maybe you'd like to help someone else.
    Latest: Netrunner Desktop Albert, Jan 2, 2017