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XenWord Available for Download


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XenWord is now available for download.

This release has an important bug fix for themes picking up on the xenforo.js error call. This was my mistake in not knowing the public link method by XenForo wouldn't work on CSS and .js files.

A second important change is the copying of deleted posts into WordPress is now stopped. A new conditional is set to verify the post is visible.

Other significant changes include a support dashboard widget, adding "view more" links in thread widgets, as well as reworking the class-xenword-thread-link.php file to remove excessive nesting. Finally, the online widget options are now better. Please do not use option 5.


( 128 ) - April 10, 2017
Tested with WordPress 4.7.3
Added getModelCacheFrom method to XenWord class (testing in Members Online Widget)
Added mbstring check
Added conditional in Posts.php to stop deleted posts being copied to WordPress comments
Added new support dashboard widget
Added More View Link and Avatars in XenForo Threads with Replies
Added more options in XenWord Settings Panel Members for online widget
xenword-public.css file: removed float left for Members online, a.xenword_signup
class-xenword-thread-link.php: removed nesting of conditionals
class-xenword-thread-link.php: wrapped different conditionals is_single() && in_the_loop() && is_main_query()
Renamed xenword-class-xenword-xenforo.php to class-xenword-connector.php
Bug Fix: class-xenword-stylesheets.php link to xenforo.js

What’s next?
Now that the XenWord Jefferson release is complete, the focus will shift to fixing bugs reported in the bug forum as well as refactoring code to support the Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY) concept and more OOP code. New features will be added based on the desires of customers and my abilities. The next release is tagged XenWord 3.4, as I rewrite the redirects to be editable by the webmaster.

Pre-Sales Questions
Please ask any questions regarding this release in the pre-sales forum.

New Installations

Before installing the XenWord plugin, please make sure you aligned the IDs and user_ids for the administrator, editor, contributor accounts. The www settings for WordPress and XenForo must be the same (including capitalizations). Create WordPress Administrator, WordPress Editor, WordPress Author, and WordPress Contributor user groups in XenForo. After activation, you must set the absolute path to XenForo. Next, turn on advanced user mapping and map the secondary user groups to WordPress roles.

Do NOT use sFTP to upload this plugin. Please use the Add New plugin under the WordPress plugins area.

Best Configuration

WordPress in the root and XenForo in a subdirectory is the most common installation. This is how I test all XenWord releases.

I have added a new testing environment with WordPress in a subdirectory but am not a fan of this setup. There is a special version necessary for redirects to work properly. You will need to open a support ticket if you run into this issue and don't want to move things to Method I.

Please do not use Method II in setting up a WordPress installation in a subdirectory. You will end up with 404 errors, irrelevant to XenWord. Please stick with Method I.

Please do not overwrite older versions of XenWord. Upload the zip file through the plugins –> Add New. Deactivate the older version. Login with your WordPress admin account, activate the new XenWord version. You will be asked to Login with the XenForo admin account. Go through all settings in the XenWord Settings Panel. Save and test.


Please do not send a private message. If you run into issues then please open a new thread in the support forums. It’s vital that you add as much information as possible to help us figure out the issue. You are welcome to start a support ticket for anything server sensitive.

New documentation for this version is slowly being uploaded. Video and screenshots may vary based on the release, therefore, feel free to post any suggestions and request clarification in the support forums.

Once again, I appreciate all of the feedback so that XenWord is improved.