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User Blogs System Widget

This entry is part of a series of entries "December 2016 - XenWord Development Log"

A widget for showing the latest blog entry was added to XenWord 3.3 and is live on this site. This is the first row of the main loading page on the WordPress side. The CSS is not included in the xenword-public.css file and is very easy to add in the customizer CSS available in WordPress 4.7.

The key line is the use of the getBlogEntries method provided in the User Blogging System (UBS) XenForo addon.

$conditions = array(
   'blog_entry_state' => 'visible',

$fetchOptions = array(
   'join'           => NFLJ_UBS_Model_BlogEntry::FETCH_BLOG
                       | NFLJ_UBS_Model_BlogEntry::FETCH_USER
                       | NFLJ_UBS_Model_BlogEntry::FETCH_SERIES_PART,
   'orderDirection' => 'DESC',
   'limit'          => 1

/** @var  $blogEntryModel NFLJ_UBS_Model_BlogEntry */
$blogEntryModel = XenForo_Model::create( 'NFLJ_UBS_Model_BlogEntry' );
$blogEntries    = $blogEntryModel->getBlogEntries( $conditions, $fetchOptions );

$preparedBlogEntries = $blogEntryModel->prepareBlogEntries( $blogEntries, false );
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Latest reviews

Looking forward to using this in the near future. You have done a wonderful job creating widgets for Bob's addons.
As the XF ecosystem grows the demand for such widgets will follow.

Once again a great widget to have for any website! Keep them coming.
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