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XenWord uninstall.php File

This entry is part of a series of entries "December 2016 - XenWord Development Log"

Instead of using a deactivation hook or the register_uninstall_hook, XenWord has an uninstall.php file that runs automatically if a user deletes the XenWord plugin.

This was rewritten this afternoon to include a conditional for checking if the column exists.


* Filename: uninstall.php
* This is the uninstall procedure and runs automatically when the user deletes this plugin.
* @package xenword

* This section is for security. Do not modify this part:
* @ignore

if ( ! defined('WP_UNINSTALL_PLUGIN') ) { die; }

* Remove the thread_id from the WordPress posts table
* Pull all the columns from the posts table. Drop the column thread_id if it exists
global $wpdb;

$xenwordThreadId = $wpdb->get_row("SELECT * FROM $wpdb->posts");

if( isset( $xenwordThreadId->thread_id ) ) {

    $wpdb->query("ALTER TABLE $wpdb->posts DROP COLUMN thread_id");

    echo 'The XenWord Bridge has successfully removed the thread_id table alteration and is now uninstalled';

} else {

    echo 'XenWord has not altered any WordPress tables.';


// End of uninstall.php
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