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Visual Studio Code: A Test Drive

Visual Studio Code.png

I'm a huge fan of PhpStorm. It's has helped me tremendously through autocompletion and showing errors in PHP code.

I'm also a fan of loading XenWord into different development environments so I can see what the code looks like outside PhpStorm. Typically I use Atom or Sublime Text. Today it was my first look at Visual Studio Code.

Download and installation was straight-forward. There was nothing unique about the experience.

My first step was to change the font size to 15 point. I'm to the point of not wanting to strain my eyes and it's easier to see the code in larger font sizes. It took a bit of watching the screen to realize a unique settings.json was needed to change the font size. A pencil icon shows up next to the field and it's a simple copy paste into the file then save.

A nice feature in PhpStorm is to easily reformat code. For example, indent and unindent are quite easy. While indent was fast in VS Code, I never figured out how to unindent.

The formatting feature becomes very messy with the indentions happening each time pressing the key combination. It turns out this is because PHP is not supported.

The autocompletion didn't seem as organized as in PhpStorm. Typing offered numerous choices and sometimes it was faster to simply type the complete variable name.

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