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XenWord 3.3.1 Released For Download


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XenWord 3.3.1 is a maintenance release, which also adds a new feature and improves support for a XenForo addon.

New Feature

Updating a custom post on the WordPress side does not automatically update the XenForo side. This feature has been added.

Improved Feature
Post Ratings support is greatly improved so that 14 different ratings are now shown on the WordPress post. This feature is only for the first post in a thread.


( 121 ) - January 1, 2017
New Feature: Edit Custom Post Type
Improved Feature: Post Ratings support
Added global $dependencies to getXenForo method
Added $instance to xenword-thread-all-forums.php
Removed FETCH_USER from forum widget
Bug Fix: Date shown in xenword-thread-all-forums.php

Do NOT overwrite files. Please follow the upgrade guide. It is very important that you clear cache and save settings after upgrading.