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XenWord 3.3.3 Available for Download

Discussion in 'XenWord Development Archives' started by LPH, Feb 20, 2017.

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    XenWord 3.3.3 is now available for download.

    Important Changes

    A major refactoring of the file for adding users to the WordPress database was completed. This file has separate methods for each of the tasks and should make isolating any bugs or feature enhancements easier.

    This version adds a new checkbox in the add new post section of WordPress. Previous versions relied on the allow comments checkbox and this became too cumbersome. The new checkbox improves promoting a thread by making sure the thread is not overwritten.

    A new widget is included. This is simply a playful way to look at comments, sorted by the most likes. You may need to adjust CSS. Let me know if you can think of a way to improve this new widget.

    Redux Framework was updated to

    Two important bug fixes are included. Case 4 in the switch for thread creations was missing. This is the link only option. The full thread creation was also modified by removing the redundant link at the end of the post.


    ( 123 ) - February 5, 2017
    New Feature: Create or Update Thread Checkbox
    New Widget: Show comments sorted by most liked
    Tested with WordPress 4.7.2
    Updated Redux Framework to; See Changelog
    Updated Widgets: clarifying Sidebar versus Wide; change __ to esc_html__
    Refactored class-xenword-add-users-to-wp.php
    Bug Fix: Extra semicolon at the end of line 73 in xenword-xf-login-widget.php
    Bug Fix: Case 4 missing in xenword-class-thread-creation.php

    Files Changed

    Code (Text):
    1. xenword.php
    3. /admin/changelog.txt
    4. /admin/xenword-init.php
    6. /includes/class-xenword-loader.php
    7. /includes/class-xenword-xenforo.php
    9. /includes/Discussion/class-xenword-discussions-loader.php
    10. /includes/Discussion/class-xenword-thread-creation.php
    11. /includes/Discussion/class-xenword-metabox-checkbox.php
    13. /includes/Members/class-xenword-add-users-to-wp.php
    15. /includes/Widgets/xenword-comment-ranking.php
    16. /includes/Widgets/xenword-staff-online-widget.php
    17. /includes/Widgets/class-xenword-widget-loader.php
    18. /includes/Widgets/xenword-login-widget.php
    19. /includes/Widgets/xenword-online-users-widgets.php
    21. /public/css/xenword-public.css
    What’s next?
    Now that the XenWord Jefferson release is complete, the focus will shift to fixing bugs reported in the bug forum as well as refactoring code to support the Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY) concept and more OOP code. New features will be added based on the desires of customers and my abilities. The next release is tagged XenWord 3.4.

    Pre-Sales Questions
    Please ask any questions regarding this release in the pre-sales forum.

    New Installations

    Before installing the XenWord plugin, please make sure you aligned the IDs and user_ids for the administrator, editor, contributor accounts. The www settings for WordPress and XenForo must be the same (including capitalizations). Create WordPress Administrator, WordPress Editor, WordPress Author, and WordPress Contributor user groups in XenForo. After activation, you must set the absolute path to XenForo. Next, turn on advanced user mapping and map the secondary user groups to WordPress roles.

    Do NOT use sFTP to upload this plugin. Please use the Add New plugin under the WordPress plugins area.

    Please do not overwrite older versions of XenWord. Upload the zip file through the plugins –> Add New. Deactivate the older version. Login with your WordPress admin account, activate the new XenWord version. You will be asked to Login with the XenForo admin account. Go through all settings in the XenWord Settings Panel. Save and test.


    Please do not send a private message. If you run into issues then please open a new thread in the support forums. It’s vital that you add as much information as possible to help us figure out the issue.

    New documentation for this version is slowly being uploaded. Video and screenshots may vary based on the release, therefore, feel free to post any suggestions and request clarification in the support forums.

    Once again, I appreciate all of the feedback so that XenWord is improved.
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    @LPH Thank you for the very detailed information :)
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