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XenWord 4 - Connection Established


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XenWord 4 is the compatible version for XenForo 2. Development began yesterday and most of the time has been spent reading and trying to understand The Finder and Entities.

A few moments ago, @Mike and @Chris D helped figure out a snag on getting login to work properly and the cookies to be seen properly. After their suggestions, the connector file for XenWord 4 works properly with XenForo 2 and login works. It's exciting to see this version of the plugin come to life !

Here is a quick look:

Yesterday I was able to get some code working to pull the latest threads. Avatars are still a mystery.

Important: It'll take months to get XenWord 4 to reach feature parity with XenWord 3. Version 1 was released 6 months after getting the plugin to connect. I'm not a developer, just a person interested in learning and sharing. Please do not expect immediate results. :D