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xenforo 2

  1. LPH

    XenWord Pro 2017 Release 2017.12.20 is available for download

    The latest version of XenWord Pro 2017 is now available for download to all active license holders. This version has added some of the missing features as well as fixed some bugs found earlier releases. This version is running on this server; however, it is a beta release. Treat this version...
  2. LPH

    Alpha XenWord Pro 2017.10.28 is available for download

    The latest alpha release of XenWord Pro is now available for download for all license holders. This version contains many changes to the bootstrap file which holds the conditionals for the bridge working with XenForo 1 or 2. The Redux Framework ini was also modified for the user mapping...
  3. LPH

    Alpha XenWord Pro 2017.10.23 is available for download

    The second alpha release of XenWord 2017 is now available for download. Thank you for all of the feedback on the first alpha released last night. I've fixed the CSS loading and support widget bugs and the XenForo 1 connector should be solid. Please test and report back any issues in the XenWord...
  4. LPH

    XenWord Pro 2017 Please Read First

    Thank you for helping with improving XenWord Pro 2017. After four years, the newest version relies on composer, autoloading, namespaces, and traits. Legacy code for XenForo 1 is now included in the plugin, and this code needs to be tested. The XenForo 2 portion of the bridge is incomplete...
  5. LPH

    Alpha XenWord Pro 2017.10.22 is available for download

    An alpha release of XenWord Pro 2017 is now available for download by all license holders. This version is for testing only. Do NOT use on a production server. Instead, use XenWord 3.5.2 for live sites. This version includes a switch between XenForo 1 and XenForo 2 installations. I would...
  6. Using Traits

    Using Traits

    This code has me excited. Most XenWord classes reuse the same code for calling the options in WordPress database. class Post { protected $options; /** * Post constructor. */ public function __construct() { $this->options = get_option( 'xenword_options' ); }...
  7. XenForo 2, FQN, and Strings

    XenForo 2, FQN, and Strings

    This week has been all about trial-and-error, reading, watching tutorials, and finally asking why code is failing. It turned out to be a silly error in not using the Fully Qualified Name (FQN) in a conditional. And now I'm sitting relaxed, smiling, and gleefully looking at the horizon. It's...
  8. LPH

    Get user_id of visitor in XenForo 2

    In XenForo 1, getting the user_id involved the getInstance and getUserId methods. $user_id =XenForo_Visitor::getInstance()->getUserId(); In XenForo 2, it's a matter of using visitor(). $visitor = \XF::visitor(); $user_id = $visitor['user_id']; Once the user_id is known then the $user...
  9. LPH

    XenForo 2 XenWord Pro 2017 Notes

    XenForo 2 Developer Preview has been available for at least a week and I've had time to work through some of the ideas. Many of the new concepts are making XenWord much easier to code. For example, pulling the latest threads code is much simpler: $limit = 10; $finder =...
  10. Calling XenForo 2 Widgets From External Page

    Calling XenForo 2 Widgets From External Page

    XenForo 2 includes a means to call widgets from an external PHP page. The key is the templater() method. $templater = $app->templater(); /** @var \XF\Widget\WidgetRenderer $widgetRenderer */ $widgetRenderer = $templater->renderWidget('forum_overview_new_posts', [])...
  11. LPH

    XenWord 4 - Connection Established

    XenWord 4 is the compatible version for XenForo 2. Development began yesterday and most of the time has been spent reading and trying to understand The Finder and Entities. A few moments ago, @Mike and @Chris D helped figure out a snag on getting login to work properly and the cookies to be...
  12. LPH

    Connecting To XenForo 2

    Use this snippet to connect to XenForo 2. /** @var $fileDir */ $fileDir = '/Path/To/community'; require($fileDir . '/src/XF.php'); XF::start($fileDir); $app = XF::setupApp('XF\Pub\App'); $app->start(); Read the DevLog for more details.
  13. XenForo 2 Demo Add-on

    XenForo 2 Demo Add-on

    The new documentation for XenForo 2 includes an explanation for building an add-on. I'm walking through the process right now and plan to update this post as new items are learned. Adding the add-on through the terminal was painless. It was simply a matter of answering questions and the...
  14. The Simplicity of Bridging in XenForo 2

    The Simplicity of Bridging in XenForo 2

    In XF1, several lines were required to bridge. In XF2, only four lines are required. Create a file named connectXenForo2.php and add the following contents. <?php /** @var $fileDir */ $fileDir = '/Users/layneheiny/Documents/Sites/xf2'; require($fileDir . '/src/XF.php')...