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Friday, October 21, 2016

XenWord 3.0 Gold is available

XenWord 3.0 Gold is now available for download.

Tux Reports shares descriptions of and information about current events. The network publishes stories of interest with priority given to primary sources.


Apple iPhone SE, 4-inch Powerhouse

Apple formally introduced the iPhone SE, a 4-inch model with features introduced in the 6 and 6s models.

9.7-inch Apple iPad Pro, Order March 24

The Apple iPad Pro family has expanded

Refinement: The Ultimate Guide to PHP Development

A look at the past three years -- from deciding to learn PHP, to releasing XenWord, and to supporting new features.


Missing Ingredient in School Reform

Educators lack a common professional vocabulary to describe what people do while learning. With this vocabulary, educators could design more precise lessons and ways to instruct as well as discuss them.

Unsolved Problems

An edited draft of Unsolved Problems now stands alone as an article. It can now more easily relate to the section titled Implications in Annotated Contents for a Learners'...

Dear Teacher

Ima Learner addressed a letter Dear Teacher. It describes in free verse, from a learners' view, implicit questions students have when they enter classrooms.