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Saturday, May 19, 2018

Happy New Year, 2017

The last few years have been spectacular for this site. The slow repurposing of numerous blogs into a single site has been a huge undertaking but it's finally to the point of stating the merging was finished this year. There are still plenty of tasks to complete (such as fixing broken links, improving navigation, header, sidebar) but the design is tight enough to start expanding content.

Ellie (2010 – 2016)

Ellie passed away today. She was a good dog and a good friend.

Ellie’s Surgery

Ellie is a large dog. She's weighed over 108 pounds for five years. This changed four months ago. As of last night, Ellie is 75.6 pounds.

20 Years and Counting

A 20 year blogging experience milestone was passed in August. Here's to another 20 years.

Thanksgiving- Food, Family, and Festivities

Thanksgiving Day is an opportunity to cast off your fears and think of the reasons to rejoice.

The Excitement of Blogging

Old style blogging needs to make a comeback. Long, tediously written "blog entries" are usually void of content or context and short on sources. We need concise and precise blogs; not articles containing filler, rumors, and hedge words.