Ellie (2010 – 2016)


Ellie passed away today. She was approximately 6 years old. She was a good dog and a good friend.

Complications arose after Ellie’s dental surgery done on Tuesday. As soon as the local vet explained Ellie’s blood count was 13 (normal range is 30-50), I transported her to an emergency clinic on Thursday and a blood transfusion was started immediately. Unfortunately, Ellie started vomiting blood this morning. She held on long enough for us to say goodbye.

Ellie placed her right side of her head on my left hand as soon as I sat next to her. I put my right hand under her chin. She looked up and tried to wag her tail. Her eyes closed and the weight of her head became heavy. I kept her head on my hand for some time as I wished her well and let her know that she will always be loved.

Ellie was adopted in the spring of 2011. Prior to joining our family, she was adopted as a Christmas puppy but the family abused her. Fortunately the adoption agency found out during a surprise inspection and took Ellie back.

Pascal found her hiding in the back of a cage. The woman running the adoption agency didn’t think Ellie would come out of the cage but Pascal insisted. Ellie popped to Pascal’s side as soon as the cage door was opened. They were together from that time until the last few nights.

Ellie was always gentle. Gentle to walk. Gentle to sit on. Gentle to sit next to on the couch.

I’ll miss her.

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Adam Bloch
5 years ago

Always sad to say good bye to a friend feathered, fured or other wise. 🙁

5 years ago

All of us in the Heiny family miss Ellie and the soft penetrating look in her eyes, and the easy but persistent nudge at our elbows before she accepted pats, strokes, and hugs. Thanks Ellie for giving us many pleasant family memories. And, thank you for leaving so much of your shed hair as reminders of your presence. Sleep tight and sweet dreams.