Ellie’s Surgery


Ellie is a large dog. She’s weighed over 108 pounds for five years. This changed four months ago. As of last night, Ellie is 75.6 pounds.

The vets have been checking on her weekly. The blood tests suggested she was vomiting due to hypothyroidism, low levels of thyroid hormone. She started taking two pills a day.

Her appetite stopped.

In watching her try to eat, I decided the issue was in her mouth. The second vet who looked at her agreed. The two vets discussed her history and decided the first round of antibiotics had helped because the pain caused by the fissure in her mouth was being relieved.

After, an hour of back and forth, Ellie is now scheduled for dental work. She was dropped off this morning in good spirits.

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5 years ago

Glad she is okay. She has beautiful eyes.

5 years ago

I hope she is doing better. Poor girl.