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Friday, August 26, 2016

Refinement: The Ultimate Guide to PHP Development

A look at the past three years -- from deciding to learn PHP, to releasing XenWord, and to supporting new features.

Ellie and the Neighbor’s Dog

The neighbor's dogs are in the backyard and Ellie isn't very happy about it.

Google Custom URLs

A Google prompt suggested a custom URL for my Google+ account and YouTube account. My favorite "LPH" is too short so I compromised and went with LPH-TUX. The custom URL is google.com/+LPH-TUX and seems to role over to plus.google.com.  The plus is rather annoying but it is better than all the extra letters in previous versions of Google+. Did you get...

All I Want For Christmas Is …

Being around family is a great way to relax, recharge the fading batteries, and rethink about goals. It's also a great time to catch up with what each brother, sister, nephew, niece, and parents. This Christmas is going to be very different. My two daughters are in different states. One lives in Montana and the other Missouri. Both are working...

The Great Feeling After Squashing a Bug

The code behind XenWord is constantly changed and tweaked. New features are added, features are cleaned up, and lines of code are optimized. While learning to code, one major challenge has been tracking down bugs in a quick way. For example, widgets were not loading properly under certain circumstances. I've known about this bug since May but have struggled to...

Happy Thanksgiving

The whole family wasn't able to get together this Thanksgiving, this is a photo taken by the Arizona group. Happy Thanksgiving is more than a phrase to turn but a thought of love and family. We all wish you and your family a day. May you give thanks to the abundance all around you.