New XenWord Authentication System

XenWord 3.0 includes a new authentication system for XenForo members to log into WordPress.


XenWord 3.0 remains in beta as bugs are being squashed and the backend is being cleaned up for easier navigation.

A major stumbling block was getting XenForo replies written to the WordPress comment table. A second major challenge was to get XenWord working with WordPress caching plugins.

Yesterday I was able to get a new authentication working. Three functions were replaced with a few simple lines.

The statement wp_set_current_user(0) was important for properly logging out a XenForo member. The next issue was a change in the login widget, setting up a redirect after the login.

Caching plugins work, XenForo members are logged into a WordPress site, and the advanced user mapping functions by writing the wp_capabilities when the XenForo secondary user groups are mapped to WordPress roles.

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8 years ago

Awesome! This sounds like it will solve the bug I’m currently experiencing! Can’t wait to try it out!!!

8 years ago

Cool, maybe this will fix the random logged in errors I get?

8 years ago

Because I have an issue with an user mapping bug, I hope the new auth system will fix it. When can I expect it will be avaible for download?

8 years ago

[QUOTE=”Kerby, post: 1941369, member: 22735″]I have an issue with an user mapping bug[/QUOTE]

Has this bug been reported in the [URL=’’]bug report forum[/URL]?

[QUOTE=”Kerby, post: 1941369, member: 22735″]When can I expect it will be avaible for download?[/QUOTE]

We decided to run it on this site for longer than a few days. Usually we put it online, make sure it’s fine, and release it. [USER=6][/USER] wanted to make sure this beta was solid.

He reworked [URL=’’][/URL] to make sure moving categories, posts, sidebars, etc were all working as expected.

7 years ago

[QUOTE="DPF, post: 1941367, member: 23972"]Awesome! This sounds like it will solve the bug I'm currently experiencing! Can't wait to try it out!!![/QUOTE]

just testing

7 years ago

I'd like to add, that my login problems were most likely due to incorrect .htaccess settings, from users being routed between the https and http versions of the site from wordpress.

I am considering installing the bridge again, as I've remade my forum into an automotive forum, however there were some problems with author's being reverted to subscribers which I needed resolved first.