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XenLate 1.1.0

XenLate is a very simple XenForo addon based on the HOWTO show WordPress posts in a XenForo installation.

I published a few years ago how to add WordPress posts to the XenForo sidebar. Throughout the years, many support tickets have involved requests to move the HOWTO into a simple addon. XenLate is the addon because it is better late than never.

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At this point there are no options. The posts will show below the visitor panel. This is because the template hook in the listener file is ad_sidebar_below_visitor_panel. If interest is high, and I learn more, then options can be built.

Support Forums

This is my first attempt to build and release a XenForo addon. Please consider it an alpha version and provide feedback so that I may improve the work.

For example, currently views are not part of this addon. Templates are now properly built and the addon is no longer using the xen:callback.
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Latest updates

  1. Cleaner Model, Templates, and Listener

    The listener and model were completely rewritten to take advantage of XenForo templates.