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XenLate 1.1.0


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LPH submitted a new resource:

XenLate - A Simple Sidebar Addon for XenForo

XenLate is a very simple XenForo addon based on the HOWTO show WordPress posts in a XenForo installation.

Many support tickets involve requests to move the HOWTO into a simple addon.

At this point there are no options. The posts will show below the visitor panel. This is because the template hook in the listener file is ad_sidebar_below_visitor_panel. If interest is high, and...

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Baby Penguin
XenWord Professional
Nicely made LPH ;)
The installation went well without problems (Xenforo 1.5.11)



Flying Bird
XenWord Professional
Cool, do you anticipate developing further integration into this addon or will it remain a single purpose addon?


Dogs Times Writer
This is a single purpose addon LPH was using to learn how to make XenForo addons. With XF2, the addon development is different.