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  1. LPH

    XenLate 1.1.0

    XenLate is a very simple XenForo addon based on the HOWTO show WordPress posts in a XenForo installation. I published a few years ago how to add WordPress posts to the XenForo sidebar. Throughout the years, many support tickets have involved requests to move the HOWTO into a simple addon...
  2. LPH

    XenWord Showcase

    LPH submitted a new blog post XenWord Showcase Continue reading the Original Blog Post.
  3. Improving Post Ratings

    Improving Post Ratings

    The Post Ratings addon by Luke is an essential XenForo addon. Basic XenWord support for the addon was included in April 2015, release 2.5.0 ( number 78 ) and the last changes were made in March 2016. Since support has been limited to showing likes on the WordPress side then I've been trying to...