Steve Yegge on the Next Big (Computer) Language


Steve Yegge gives his thoughts on the “Next Big Language” (NBL). An entertaining read.

I’d add to his list of next big language features:

* The next big language is going to win because it increases productivity. It’ll enable more people to do more. Most likely it’ll expand the notion of who a developer is.

* I think Steve underplays the likelihood that the next big language will enable the computer itself to play a bigger role in what it means to be a programmer. This means potentially more tools, increased ability of the computer to analyze or generate code itself, as well as higher levels of abstraction for the human that increase the burden on the computer.

I also think Steve overplays the impact that a big company plays in the success of a particular computer language. Sure a particular language might fly high for awhile as a company promotes its next great language, however, if it doesn’t provide great value, the language will languish. The advantage a big company may have in promoting a language is not simply its market strength, but its skills and resources in communicating the value of a language. Size is not simply the key. The value has to be there.

(Found via Robert Scoble)