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ASUS Announces 2023 Vivobook Classic Series

On April 7, 2023, ASUS introduced five new models in the 2023 Vivobook Classic series of laptops. The top laptops in the series use the 13th Gen Intel® Core™...

Airman Arrested In Case of Leaked Classified Documents

Massachusetts Air National Guardsman Jack Teixeira has been arrested in the latest case of leaked classified documents. Teixeira, 21, is the head of Thug Shaker Central, an online gaming...

Microsoft OneNote to Gain Copilot

Microsoft 365 Copilot is coming to OneNote.

A Learners’ View (ALV) refers to choices people make while learning lessons. These choices do for learning from teaching what musical notes do for singers of songs composed by someone else. Song composers choose sound frequencies to form their compositions. Teachers compose their lessons from choices of sound frequencies and other ingredients of daily social life. Teaching combines the science of social life (the discipline of procedures), and technology of instruction (the discipline of capability) with the craft of choosing lesson content (subject matter). Composing and  teaching lessons that people learn consists of applying the sciences of instruction with the science of learning as social processes with choices of subject matter (content). These three form a triple helix of learning. When combined as reported by experimental behavioral and social scientists, learners will likely accelerate, increase, and deepen (AID) learning to the point of everyone learning those lessons. Learning from a learners’ view occurs when learners solve problems as do the most accomplished members of society. From this view, learning serves society as a social oxygen the way the chemical element Oxygen serves biology.

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A Learners’ View (ALV)

“Choices during teaching and learning.”