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US & WorldPoliticsBernie Sanders Two Wins Gains in Delegates Over Clinton

Bernie Sanders Two Wins Gains in Delegates Over Clinton

The corporate media wants you to think Arizona was a pivotal primary for the Democratic Party nomination process. Clinton’s machine overtook the Sanders campaign with a 57.8% victory over Sanders 39.7% vote. This presentation overshadows the overall primary race in which Bernie Sanders outperformed expectations by over 10%, leading his supporters to realize his nomination continues to be viable.

What isn’t being reported is the Sanders’ win in Idaho and Utah were so tremendous that Clinton only walked away with 10 pledged delegates to Sanders 35 pledged delegates.

Add the resounding victory in the overseas primary, giving his campaign 5 more delegates over Clinton, and Bernie Sanders campaign and his supporters should be extremely happy.

Alan Grayson, a Democratic Party Congressman out of Florida and supporter of Bernie Sanders, reminds voters that there are two primaries in the Democratic Party. There is the early primary states mainly composed of the South and the second half in which residents in the western states vote.

Clinton’s campaign is very strong in the South and GOP strong holds. Bernie Sanders campaign is strong in progressives leaning states in the west and northern regions.

At this point in the campaign, the Bernie Sanders campaign is outperforming expectations and his campaign will go all the way to the convention.

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