Clinton Machine Pressures Sanders To Quit


Imagine being able to tell your opponent when it’s time for them to quit. Imagine a peer coming to you and saying, “It’s time you face reality. You will never get ahead in this company.”

Would you listen to them? No. You aren’t that weak-minded.

The Clinton Machine has been hard at work this past week. They are trying to convince Bernie Sanders supporters that the Democratic Party nomination belongs to Hillary Clinton. They use the wins in the South and add in the super-delegates to push a narrative that Bernie Sanders has already lost.

Interestingly, the same people pushing the Sanders campaign ramp up hysteria over a potential win by Ted Cruz over Donald Trump in the Republican Party. They argue that Cruz is only 255 delegates behind Donald Trump.

Let’s put all of this insanity into perspective:

Percentages of Delegates to Win Nomination
Percentages of Delegates to Win Nomination

The percentages suggest a different story from the Clinton Machine narrative. Ted Cruz should stay in the race with only 34.2% of the required delegates but Bernie Sanders should get out when his campaign has 34.8%.

The horse race mentality of corporate media has ruined the primary process. People are wanting their candidate to “win” based on personality and identity rather than policies.

Residents in Arizona, Utah, and Idaho will vote Tuesday March 22. These votes may give us a better picture of the primary process. We certainly cannot rely on the media pundits.