People 0: Corporations 4


If you aren’t keeping track of the legislation coming out of Washington, D.C. then you are probably not aware that you’ve been screwed. Four chances to change government “for the people” have been thwarted by lobbyists paid by insurance companies, wall street executives, oil companies, and now the military industrial complex.

In all of their infinite wisdom, Congress removed a jobs bill portion of funding and decided to pass a war funding bill. Apparently, jobs are not as important as war. But, the damage doesn’t stop there. Only an idiot cannot see that this administration and congress favor corporations over the people of the United States.

First, congress votes to hand over billions to corporations that were gambling and caused a recession. Next, insurance companies were handed 30 million new clients but this is little to nothing compared to the fact that oil companies have continued to rule the land and sea. And while this happened, the military complex grew larger and sucked up more and more money.

When is enough, enough? When are people going to realize that social issues have been used to draw attention away from important monetary issues? For example, this week, attention has been on “Don’t ask, Don’t Tell” – all the while congress votes on a funding bill to send more troops to a war our president promised he’d end. Worse, the jobs portion of the funding bill is cut.

You and I have only one hope – to vote out these bastards in November. All incumbents must be sent home packing. All of them.

But be careful not to vote in a larger idiot. This is the mistake that the Tea party and Republican evangelists hope you make during this coming election. Instead, study the actual proposed policies of candidates. Remove the emotive language and figure out (as best you can) how the person would vote. If they would vote for a corporation over you – don’t give them your vote.