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Trump Lawyer Resigns One Day Before Trial To Begin

Joseph Tacopina has filed with the courts that he will not represent Donald J. Trump. The E. Jean Carroll civil case is schedule to begin Tuesday January 16,...

Judge Lewis A. Kaplan Issues Order RE Postponement

On May 9, 2023, a jury found Donald J. Trump liable for sexual assault and defamation. The jury awarded Ms. Carroll $5 million in damages. Seven months ago,...

ASUS Announces 2023 Vivobook Classic Series

On April 7, 2023, ASUS introduced five new models in the 2023 Vivobook Classic series of laptops. The top laptops in the series use the 13th Gen Intel® Core™...
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Divide and Conquer

The Latin divide et impera is emblematic of the United States political system. Social issues such as abortion, religion, gay-rights, and inequalities are used as tools to divide citizens so that they do not rise up and demand politicians act in the best interest of the citizens. False dichotomies are touted as paramount issues of the day – repeated so that the sane become true non-thinking believers of the party.

Avoiding the rituals of false advertisers, parsing vocabulary, hyperbolic measures of unessentials – this site is about bringing everyone together. Can rational human beings put aside the talking points and decide what is best for our nation?

The national debt crisis, the economic woes of so many unemployed, the desperate nature of men, women, and children without health insurance, children going hungry, politicians telling us untruthful statements so that they can take money from lobbying groups — these are all divisive issues. But they don’t need to be if we find common ground.

Let the fools stay within the confines of flaming, chanting ritualized talking points, and slurs against another human being. Instead, you need to leave the insanity behind. See the political system as it is – a joke so that others may take your money.

Welcome to the newly redesigned Insane Politics. Hopefully you are persuaded to become a member, share your views, openly read and debate the viewpoints from opposing parties. After all, there are real reasons to fight – to fight for freedom.

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