The Law of Teaching-Learning

From a learners’ view (ALV), a Law of Teaching-Learning (LOTL) exists as an assumed, if not implicit, part of a classic and other forms of education. A law in science describes facts of an event and provides ways to use these facts to predict results of an event. Laws bring together into one sentence technical-scientific principles and processes.

The union of ALV with teaching rests on the assumption that teaching results in learning. This assumption is grounded in over a century of experimental studies of learning through teaching.

ALV represents facts of the minimum of what experimental behavioral and social researchers have reported learners doing while learning from teaching

LOTL represents the union of ALV with teaching. This law describes probabilities of results when choices match and does not explain why learning occurs.

LOTL describes relationships among known facts as does Newton’s Law of Gravity without explaining why either learning or gravity happen. If LOTL was a theory, as is the Big Bang Theory, then it needs to be made factual. ALV provides the facts that make LOTL possible and useful to teachers and observers of education.

Last Edited: January 13 2015