Current touch ecosystem and a future in gestures


This week iSupply released an update on touch screen technology trends.

 The use of touch screens is growing in a variety of applications, driven by several trends. From the user perspective, touch screens enable interfaces that are easy to use and intuitive; unlike keyboard/keypad input devices, touch screens enable customization of the interface for every task. Touch screen technologies are leading to innovative applications, such as enhanced usability of compact mobile devices. Among the more than 100 manufacturers of touch screen components, two-thirds of…  View Abstract [ pdf ]

Mark Hurd from HP Labs describes a development project for improving interaction via gestures. Is it for digital cameras only? 

H-P Lab researchers in India are working on "gesture-based computing" technology that could elevate touch screens.

With the technology, users of touch-screen computers and handheld devices can designate custom symbols for passwords or spell out entire sentences on a little touch pad instead of using a keyboard. Digital camera users can write a caption or a note on a picture they just took using only their finger on the view screen of their camera