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Thoughts on a Google Phone

A Possible Google Phone

Ever since seeing the above image from Gizmodo, my curiosity about the device has increased. First, Google needs to make sure connection to the Internet is flawless. This basic assumption, though is rarely discussed by pundits. In particular, there are two challenges to using this devices to surf the Internet. Screen resolution and speed are two challenges that must be overcome before market acceptance. While the gadget-lovers may initially flock to a device from Google, dominance cannot happen without the appeal to the masses.

Consider the Reg Hardware story regarding the phone in Europe. According to the site, LG’s KU-580 handset incorporates Google Search, Google Mail and Google Maps. Obviously, getting mail is fine but after searching for a site then going to the site is important.

Think of the pre-1995 days of surfing the web. Sites were dull, ugly, and slow to load. Returning to those days on a newer mobile device is not progress. Instead, these devices take us back to hauntingly, chilling days of waiting for ugliness to appear. While this may have been cool back in the days – we expect more – and more from developers.

Consider the screen resolution of most mobile systems. The first complaint from users is that the resolution is too low. Without 1024 x 768, sites usually look crammed full of information. The lack of white space detracts from the eyes. Those of us with poor eye sight value well designed sites that help us find information quickly. Young ones may enjoy black and dark backgrounds, but most of us prefer content over style. And we cannot find the content when the style prohibits it.

Second, consider the speed of sites loading. If a site does not pop on my browser then my patience with the site decreases. Leaving the site quickly is more apt to happen when the surfing experience is poor due to slow connectivity. Having recently moved from a place with high-speed connectivity to a low-speed local, my interest in surfing the web has dramatically decreased. Connecting through a cell phone is fine at times but never for a long period of time.

If these two challenges are overcome by the Google Phone, or any other device allowing surfing the web, then a purchase is a good investment. Yet, failing to overcome these issues will cause the wallet to never be opened and a continued search and dream for the perfect mobile system will continue. How about you? What are your trigger points for purchasing a Google Phone?

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