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December 1997

Wednesday December 31, 1997

  • We hope all of you have a wonderful New Year.
  • Yesterday we received multiple calls regarding the differences between Pentium processors with MMX technology and Pentium II processors.

Let’s try to clear up some of the confusion:

Pentium motherboards use Pentium processors. The motherboard has a spot for socket 5 or socket 7 (more recent boards use socket 7). If you are upgrading an older motherboard, pull out your manual and find out what type of processor it supports.

If you are buying a new Pentium motherboard, you will most likely choose an Intel Pentium with MMX technology or an AMD-K6 enhanced processor with MMX technology.

Intel ends support of the Pentium line this year. AMD is planning on switching over to a slot processor also. (Not as soon as we’d like them to though.)

Pentium II motherboards use Pentium II processors. This is referred to as a slot 1 processor. Pentium II processors also have MMX technology. Although, Intel doesn’t seem to heavily promote this. Pentium II systems are current technology.

  • Intel Boxed OverDrive Units are backordered.
  • If you’ve been waiting to buy your AMD-K6/200 enhanced processor with MMX technology Processor in a Box, we have extra in stock. The product is on allocation through distribution. AMD honors a 3 year warranty on this product and it ships with a heatsink and fan.
  • Al and Gracie have been expanding their interests. Today’s topic: cows. There is a pasture near the new ESC building, and these two have been checking it out. Al has decided that cows smell worse than his blankets. Gracie emphatically agrees. She sneezed as soon those spotted creatures’ perfume filled our air.  Al was a bit miffed and thought he should go cow tipping at night.  We think his attention should be geared toward Texas Longhorns and those Dakota cows instead of our friendly California bovines.
  • Thinking about tips, we heard from a nice gentleman who was beta testing the AMD K6 + 300 MHz.  He expressed his pleasure with the CPU and is looking forward to being able to try it on an AGP socket 7 motherboard.
  • Intel is still in search of markets. It seems they have adopted a shotgun approach. Just throw out a bunch of ideas and see who will get excited. Of course, they "leak" the ideas to unsuspecting news gatherers and then watch the newsgroups. We’ve developed a multbillion dollar "whiiippee" scale to measure the impact of the Intel leaks.

    On a scale of w-h-iiii-pp-ee, w is the best and ee is the lowest.

    There are rumors that Intel is planning to remove features from the socket 7 430TX chipset for a new market. In terms of a stripped out 430TX chipset, our mini-survey scored the idea an "ee". Since Intel is dropping prices on the Pentium II why would anyone buy a socket 7? The motherboard prices are almost equal as it is.  Therefore the cross over point is already here.

    Another rumor is that Intel is going to introduce a low-end, single-processor, Pentium II 440LX chipset. A stripped down 440LX AGPset (the 440LXR) gets a score of "pee."  (The R in LXR supposedly stands for "restricted.") Who is the target audience? Hmmm. Probably cows. 

    Instead of stripping gadgets out of the chipsets, how about creating and supporting products that are even more useful and productive, not limiting? Besides, it always hurts to tell someone that the stripped down machine that they paid good money for has to be significantly upgraded to handle the latest operating system or software.

    Pentium 3 and Pentium 4 microprocessors get a score of "iipee". We can’t wait to see these things working. The operative word being "working."

  • What do you think Microsoft’s New Year’s resolution will be? Will it involve milking cows too?

Tuesday December 30, 1997

  • Guess what finally arrived this afternoon? The remainder of the AMD K6-200 PIBs. We even have extra   available.
  • If you place an order with us this week and need an invoice prior to the end of the year, please let us know and we can fax you a copy for your tax records.
  • We’ve had multiple questions about the Pentium II 333 MHz processor. The product is available for $995.63. You will need to purchase a fan/heatsink assembly to get the one year warranty.  Please call to place your order.
  • New GigaByte motherboards have been announced.

The GA-586SG is a socket 7 with AGP using the SIS chipset.  We are expecting samples to be available in January.
The GA-686SLX is available in sample only.  Shipping in January.
The GA-686LX2 is expected around the beginning of February.
The GA-686BLX is available
The GA-686DLX is expected the first week of February.

  • Please remember that the Chinese New Year’s celebration will mean that motherboard manufacturers will be on holiday for 2 weeks in January.  This means that product shortages will most likely occur.
  • UPS will not be picking packages up tomorrow.  Instead we will take them to the station.
  • Remember, we operate as a just-in-time inventory. This means that we purchase products specifically for individual orders. When the products arrive at our facility, we assemble motherboards, CPUs, memory, case units, configure, and test the corresponding items together.
  • The R440LX and DK440LX are available. We do need a lead time for these products of about 2 weeks.
  • Corsair 32 MB SDRAM is still on special for $95 each.
  • Al and Gracie are enjoying their holiday.   Al is gaining his typical weight around the midsection.  Gracie has managed to maintain her petite body shape.  The new blankets given to Al are already smelly as he has managed to drag them from room to room.   Gracie’s new scarfs are still just as clean as when she  opened the packages.  Obviously she is the neat and tidy one too.  Both would like to thank everyone who emailed them holiday wishes and for all of the packages that arrived in their honor.  We hope you are having a wonderful holiday season.

Monday December 29, 1997

  • We hope everyone had a pleasant holiday, and are looking forward to the new year.
  • Unfortunately, Federal Express shipped some of our packages to another city. We thought we had it cleared up last Wednesday, but it looks like it’ll take a little longer before the packages arrive. One of these packages is full of Processors in a Box AMD-K6/200s. We apologize to all you who have waited for these processors. We’ll get them to you as quickly as possible.
  • Intel dropped their prices on Boxed and OEM Pentium II 233 MHz processors. Quantity 1000 dropped by 33%. We will let you know as soon as distributors adjust our cost. In turn, we will drop our prices.

Tuesday December 23, 1997

  • Do you know the difference between Monday and Wednesday?  Neither do we!  Please excuse the delays in updating our website.
  • We decided that Einstein’s wish of a new dog house could come true. He was a good pooch this year. We are now in our new location.  Well, half of our equipment arrived safely.  The other half will hopefully arrive soon. The move has created interesting situations, i.e. "Where is my monitor? my mouse? my chair?! Then how can I fix the website?"  Well, now that the monitors ha
    ve been unpacked we can let you in on what is happening with Al and Gracie.
  • Al and Gracie have been packing and unpacking. All of Al’s blankets arrived safely.

    Our new address is 4412 Northstar Way Modesto California 95356. Our 800 number remains the same with several new 800 numbers being added soon.  (AT&T goofed and didn’t make the changes until this morning.  Thank you Libby for helping us!). Our FAX number is now 209-550-4998.

  • Some of you are asking us why we moved.  The most obvious is that we needed more space.  The other reason is we are now closer to family.  Remember how ‘Mom’ started helping out at the shop a few years ago? She’d bring us lunch and help pack a few boxes. Now, she’s the head of shipping. Now that we’re in Modesto ‘Grandma’ has been bringing us lunch. What will she start helping out with?
  • Of course, we want to thank those who were helpful throughout the years. Carl K. for being oru German translator and filling in part time when we needed him; Mike W. for all his ideas; Brad, Charlie, and Gary for fantastic service with UPS (they’re the ones to thank for making sure your packages were delivered); The Box Store for our last minute tape and anti-static bubble wrap; Gary who kept Einstein and Gracie healthy; and Betty at Lee’s Canton Restaurant and Linda and Don at Four Season’s Deli who kept us well fed.
  • Our new space is housed in a 23,000 square foot building, Building 3 of the North Modesto Industrial Park. Our neighbors include James Gasket Inc and several other hundred fine businesses.
  • Our UPS pickup times are earlier than up north, 3:30 pm.   Federal Express seems to be arriving a bit later in the morning.
  • Our shipments for AMD Processors in a Box have still not been consistent.  One of our suppliers explained that our shipment went to New York by mistake.  Then it was returned via UPS Ground – oops.  We have been promised that we will see them today.  We sure hope that we see them today.
  • Our new building has already gone through many changes since we moved in. Pacific Bell installed new phone lines. A Pac Bell man also decided to renovate a ceiling. He slipped off a beam in the loft area above the offices and fell. Thankfully, Henry is OK. This new syklite addition helps keep air circulating.
  • We thank everyone for their patience and consideration as we shipped as many packages as possible before the holiday. Bob is still on the road going for will-call at distributors picking up your last minute packages.
  • Einstein and Gracie are in the holiday spirit. Einstein is howling, "jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle Al the way…." Gracie is teaching us her version of "Silent Night" (she sings along when the song is on the stereo). Rude Rudy, the kids’ cat, is actually being nice to Gracie during this time of year. He’s only tried to bite her a few times. Henrietta, Gracie’s friend who is a desert tortoise, is snuggled up in her underground-home with visions of sugarbeets dancing in her head. We kept thinking that we’d have another holiday dog arrive at the shop this year. Remember Daisy who planted herself at our shop last Thanksgiving? Daisy is all ready for Hanukkah to begin at Joanie’s house.
  • Intel Pentium II 333 MHz processors should  be available after December 31, 1997.

Wednesday December 17, 1997

Tuesday December 16, 1997

  • Reminder: UPS guarantees Overnight (Red) shipping during the holidays. They will do their best to deliver other services on schedule. Normal shipping will resume after December 25, 1997.
  • A few conversations today with vendors reminded us about product availability at this time of year. Many companies drop prices to dump product, hoping to increase 4th quarter earnings. Part of this may be why we’re seeing memory prices drop. We’re also seeing lower prices on AMD-K6 processors. Rumor has it that AMD products will be extremely tight in the channel after the end of this year through January. You know what that means…prices are already rising again.  A few Intel OEM Pentium processors also increased slightly in price.
  • Do you have all your holiday shopping done? Einstein and Gracie haven’t started. We have a feeling that they’ll go to the feed store and buy bones for each other. Einstein really wants a new doghouse. Do you think he’s been good enough?
  • A limited supply of Intel Boxed Pentium II 300 MHz processors are available to us.
  • Corsair has extra 32 Mb SDRAM in stock so we’re running a special. 32 Mb SDRAM, 10 ns and 100 MHz components are $95 each. Supply is limited and price is subject to change.
  • We have extra Intel Boxed Pentium 166 MHz OverDrive units in stock.
  • We received extra AMD-K6/233 processors.
  • Did you notice that we added Micronics motherboards?
  • We operate as a just-in-time inventory. This means that when an order is placed, we bring the products in for that order. Once the products arrive at our facility, we assemble, configure, and test your products then ship them to you. You may choose delivery methods offered by UPS and Airborne.

Monday December 15, 1997

  • If you’re looking for memory before the holidays, you may want to call Crucial Technology, a division of Micron. You can purchase their grade A SIMMs and DIMMs directly at 888-363-2562.
  • Remember, next week is a short business week. We will be open Monday and Tuesday.

Friday December 12, 1997

  • Einstein and Gracie are staring out the windows, but they can’t even see across the parking lot this morning. Heavy fog is in the Sacramento valley. It must be December!
  • Have you read our letter from ESC Technologies’ family?
  • The #1 question we receive the most over phone and email is:

    I’m not sure what steps I need to take to upgrade my older Pentium. Do you have suggestions?

    We put together a little essay  to help you.

  • What board do most of our customers choose to use with their AMD-K6 MMX enhanced processor? GigaByte 586TX3 or GigaByte 586ATX3
  • A large shipment of ABIT LX6 boards arrived. Another will arrive next week. Reserve your board today.

Thursday December 11, 1997

  • AMD-K6 3D processors will be introduced at 300 MHz and then 350 MHz (first half of 1998).
  1. Socket 7 and Super7 platform
  2. AMD-3D technology, supported by Microsoft DirectX
  3. 9.3 million transistors
  4. 81 square millimeters die size.
  • AMD-K6+ 3D will be run up to 400 MHz (second half of 1998)
  1. Super7 platform
  2. 0.25- Micron Process
  3. 256K L2 cache
  4. optional L3 cache
  5. 21.3 million transistors
  6. 135 square millimeters
  • AMD Super7 Initiative will have a 100 MHz frontside bus and AGP support.
  • Watch for Intel price drops on the Pentium II processors.   Rumors are decreases as early as December 28, 1997 instead of February, 1998.
  • So we’d like to know how many people live in Vienna Virginia?   It seems that over 1500 of you know about us or is it one person with over 1500 connections?   We’d like to welcome all of you to our webdome, our little doghouse on the web. 
  • And all of you in college, don’t you have finals soon?   Shouldn’t you be studying?
  • Which college accesses this website the most?  MIT?   Harvard?  Stanford?  You might be surprised.  It’s Ohio State University.  Yes, that’s Al’s birth place.  Go Buckeyes.   These young men and women are the number one webheads in our hearts. (At least in Al’s. Gracie on the other hand attended other colleges and universities. She is a purebred, you know.)
  • Which computer company reads our website more, AMD or Intel?   Nope neither one.  It is Dell.  In fact some of their employees have been purchasing from us (shhh, don’t tell Michael).
  • How many support technicians does it take to solve a computer problem?  Three.  The first to tell you to download the ‘new’ BIOS file and flash utility from the web.  The second to tell you that the one on the web is an old version because they just released a new one.  And the third to send you the replacement board after their ‘new’ BIOS version destroyed your original mainboard.
  • Writing about technical support arrogance…. we’ve discovered that Micronics actually returns phone calls! Some other companies rarely return calls while most others ‘forget’ or are just too busy for little ole resellers.  Check these guys out.  After Micronics spent years being snobs,  there seems to be some hope that they understand that the resellers are the backbone to our industry.  Go Micro-NICs.  
  • The SuperNova effect is a common encounter in the computer reseller industry.  Company A convinces resellers to offer a product.  The product is a hit.  Company A grows.  Then the company begins to focus on OEMs at better prices.  The reseller can’t compete and says "Company B has a product and treats me better.  Good bye."  Now, Company A tries to sell direct.  Company A ultimately fails.  Company B, of course, commits the same cycle, but there is always hope for Company C to lure the resellers.

    The irony in all of this is that the same support technician will work for Company A, then B, C, and D.  Each time these techs will take their bad learned behavior with them.  Our advice to support techs: ‘Quit trying to get us off the phone quickly – instead concentrate on getting the problem solved.’  We promise to not call back if the problem is solved.  Well, maybe just to say,   "thank you."  (Enough of the soap box stuff)

  • Holiday cheer to everyone reading today – have a great day!
  • Did you read Infoworld’s article on page 6 of the December 1, 1997 issue?  We’ve been meaning to tell you about it.  This article lists a ‘road map’ for the Intel processors and chipsets.   What is interesting is that the 440BX is to be enhanced second quarter of 1998 with IEEE 1394 support. 

    Now are they really going to keep the same name for the chipset?   How are we going to know if the FireWire (FastWire !!  – I don’t want my computer to catch on fire!) support is in the chipset? Well??  Did anyone else notice this? 

    Layne is convinced that Intel hates marketing.  Between unpronounceable rivers and colorful bunnies, they should just give up and hire Microsoft.  Let’s put Billy Bob in a bunny suit and watch him bounce around.  It might be kinda cute.  Well, for a moment or two.  Unless, of course, Billy Bob is too busy in his new game chair (which is run by an AMD-K6).

Wednesday December 10, 1997

  • AMD is expected to ship AMD-K6/233 PIBs to distributors next week. The availability is limited. How many do you want?
  • We updated our ‘about esc‘ section again.
  • We have OEM AMD-K6/233s in stock.
  • We received extra Intel Boxed AL440LX with audio boards.
  • We added Micronics Motherboards to our product line! We picked up the Tigercat and the Spitfire EX Pentium II motherboards.

Tuesday December 9, 1997

  • Al and Gracie have been working overtime.   Al’s new blanket has already been chewed.  This morning he headed for the sunshine coming through the front window.  He’s been sleeping and barking there all day.  After several days of rain, he’s much happier.  In case you didn’t know, Al hates the rain.  He will not go outside if there is even a hint of rain.   Gracie, on the other hand, expects to be carried while it is raining. Actually, she would love to be carried all the time.
  • The large number of orders for this holiday season have meant extra hours of work.  UPS Shipments are behind.   We certainly appreciate everyone’s patience.
  • The first zip drives arrived for testing.

Monday Dece
mber 8, 1997

  • We added Iomega ATAPI and Zip Plus drives to our product line to be used with barebone systems.
  • AMD Processors in a Box (PIB) are still slow to arrive. We will wait until we see our next shipment before we accept more orders. Please keep watching this page for availability updates. Our AMD distributors expect to see a shipment at the end of this week of the PIB K6/200s.
  • We hope to see the first shipments of AMD PIB K6/233s next week. We’ll have pricing for you by the end of this week.
  • Intel Boxed Pentium 166 and 180 MHz Overdrive units are still backordered. We received a surprise shipment of 166 Overdrives from one of our distributors this morning.
  • We added Teac 32x IDE CD ROMs to our product line.
  • Resellers: Pricing for Corsair and Crucial memory is posted at www.esc-tech.com/reseller/product/prcres.htm. If you haven’t set up an account with us, fax your company information and a copy of your seller’s permit to 530-671-6780. Please include an email address.

Friday December 5, 1997

  • From December 12 through December 25, UPS guarantees remain in effect only for Early AM, Next Day Air and Next Day Saver.  UPS makes every effort to deliver all packages as scheduled for all classes of service. 
  • The Micronics Spitfire dual Pentium II with on board SCSI arrived for testing today.  We will offer the Micronics Tigercat, single Pentium II.
  • Are you having difficulty with your AMD working on your motherboard?  Revision B of the K6 200 and K6 233 can cause problems on certain motherboards.  The latest revision is C.  Be careful.  This isn’t a “problem” created by AMD.  We are letting you know that you should follow AMD’s recommendations.  Going outside of their list can cause you headaches.  After all, you wouldn’t put an Intel Pentium on a 486 and expect is to work, would you?
  • We follow the FTC guidelines for telephone order companies.  All of our policies match or exceed the expectations of our government.  These rules can be confusing and easily misinterpreted. 

    The worst disservice to consumers came about by horrible mail order companies that would charge credit cards without ever shipping product.  This created the view that credit cards can’t be charged until the product ships.  This isn’t the guideline, though.  The rules are that the company must properly inform you when the product will ship based on the terms of payment.  The company must also provide you with the option to cancel if the product doesn’t ship in that time frame. 

    We read one merchant discussing his company’s losses openly on the internet.  We’d love to see other merchants speak up against the policies of the credit card clearing houses.  We believe open discussions from both the consumer advocacy groups and business groups might point to the fact that  the banks are making a lot of money from using old rules with e-commerce.

    There is no such thing as an instant electonic transfer.  Some banks take up to 72 hours to transfer money.  This is 3 business days.  In other words it could stretch up to a week;  if there are holidays and weekends the days can increase even more.

    CyberCash uses an FDIC bank – Smart Cards have the money on the card – but some others actually put the money on your hard drive.  Credit card clearing houses use FDIC banks, but they sometimes appear to keep the money in their sweep account long before a merchant may see that money. 

    The point?  Once the money has reached us, we will ship you the product.  If you use a credit card that doesn’t release the funds for one week, there will be a delay in you receiving your product beyond the time when a product is received by someone using a faster releasing credit card.

    The best policy is to protect yourself.  Know where your money is.  Love your family.  Hug your kids, your pets and your neighbors.  Be honest and follow your heart.  After all, sneaky people can ruin your day, but they can’t ruin your life unless you let them.

  • Pentium II Processors running at 333 MHz are expected to arrive the last week of December.
  • Boxed 166 MHz OverDrives are presently not available.  Boxed Pentium II availability has improved greatly.
  • Availability of the Toshiba 24x CDROM has decreased.  We are now offering the Teac’s 32x CDROM.
  • We have been working on Active Server Pages.  The intranet now houses several new databases which are tied together with ASP.  After internal testing we will release this work to everyone. 
  • Al and Gracie are ready for Christmas.  Al is hoping for a large dog bone and a new blanket.  Al is also hoping for a new Pentium II notebook from ASUS.   We explained to him that ASUS is first releasing these to the OEMs.  They wont reach general distribution until the end of December – after Christmas.  Gracie is wishing for a new bow for her hair, purple and lady like.  She’s also hoping for a digital camera.  Both would love winter jackets.  Any businesses that care to provide a jacket with logos?
  • Everyone in the ESC family hope you have a great weekend.

Thursday December 4, 1997

  • Question of the day:
    I ran Wintune 97 and my video speed is not very good.

    Wintune97 is a shareware utility that can quickly identify bottlenecks and potential problems.  Resolution, Color Depth, and drivers will greatly influence the speed of your video card.  In looking at a few combinations:  Using a P2L97, 266 MHz P2MT, IDE drive, 64 Mb SDRAM.  We changed the video cards and drivers.  We kept the cards at 256 color, 800×600 resolution. ATI 3D Rage II PCI card ran at 42 MP/s.  ATI Expert@work 4 Mb AGP video card ran at 52 MP/s, and the ASUS V3000 APG 4 Mb ran at 106 MP/s.  At first glance the ASUS looks exciting.  However, the cached speed drops in half on the ASUS card. Instead of 76-81 MB/s it is only 43 MB/s. 

    So what does this mean?  The greatest mistake any one can make is to only look at one benchmark.  Consider Winstone97, Wintune97, Coretest, Adaptec’s utility, and compare your results to a database of others.  Look at Tom’s Hardware, System Optimization, Anand Tech site, Tweak It, The-View, Motherboard Homeworld, and other excellent resources on the internet to learn more about optimizing your system.  Choose the components based on your environment.  This can make all the difference in the world.  If you run small graphic files, then you want the video speed high and the cached speed is not that important.  If you run large graphic files, then you want the cached speed and the video speed as high as possible.

Wednesday December 3, 1997

  • We have decided to offer the Abit LX6 with certain conditions.  Users looking for a simple configuration may consider this board an excellent choice, i.e ATAPI devices, EIDE hard drives, AGP video.  If you plan on using multiple internal devices as well as SCSI devices, then make sure that you know your interrupts.  The system BIOS isn’t very forgiving.  Manual control within the BIOS for plug and play devices does not exist.&#16
    0; The options are to control devices through a plug and play configuration utility or through the operating system.  Fortunately, the BIOS has an option to force the update of the ESCD.

    3Com 3C509b is an ISA card that we use for testing.  Under NT Server 4.0 we were able to force the IRQ and address only by reinstalling the OS.

    The Toshiba 24x speed had to be set for Master in order for the BIOS to see it.  Some boards allow the default setting.  The Intel AL440LX has the same restriction.  If you don’t see your CDROM, then double check these jumpers.  Also make sure the BIOS is set for AUTO.

    Corsair has a part designed for the AL440LX.  The part ends in LX.  Using this part with the Abit LX6 board consistently gave greater performance under Winstone97 relative to the AMC or Corsair “regular” SDRAM.

Tuesday December 2, 1997

  • Rumor update:

    Intel Processors to be released:
    266 MHz Pentium Processor with MMX Technology
    333 MHz Pentium II Processor (MMX Technology)
    Pentium Lite – Cacheless Pentium II (Al and Gracie are hoping this isn’t a diet version)
    Pentium 3 and Pentium 4

    AMD processors
    AMD K6 3D
    AMD K7 (slot A)

    700 MHz Alpha processor

  • Intel Boxed Pentium 166 MHz Overdrive processors are backordered. (3 pm)
  • AMD is hoping to release their new AMD-K6/233 Processor In a Box (PIB) in the next couple of weeks, perhaps as soon as the end of next week. We’ll have pricing for you once the product is released. AMD honors a 3 year warranty on their new PIBs, and the processor is packaged with a fan.
  • AMD-K6/200 MHz processors increased in cost today. Why? The product has been on allocation. And today, vendors only have a few processors available.
  • AMD-K6/200 Processors In a Box (PIB) and tray K6/233s are also on allocation. Prices and availability are not stable with these products either.
  • We have a few AMD-K6/233 processors in stock.
  • OEM Intel Pentium II 266 MHz processors are readily available in the market.
  • We have Intel Boxed AL440LX motherboards with audio in stock.
  • Holiday reminder: Normal order processing time is approximately 5 to 7 business days from the time of bank authorization and payment to the time you receive your product. During this holiday season, our processing time is estimated to be 7 to 10 business days for most orders. Barebone workstations will probably fall 10 to 13 business days. We will get your products to you as quickly as possible. If you would like for us to email you a tracking number when your package ships, please provide a valid email address at the time of order.
  • Our credit card clearinghouse asked us to remind you that the time from a credit card authorization to the time of transfer of funds may take up to 72 hours. They are working as quickly as possible, but the increase of credit card use during the holidays has made processing a bit slower than normal.
  • FTC’s holiday shopping tips.

Monday December 1, 1997

  • We hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend. Einstein and Gracie ate too much this weekend, and are still sleeping it off.
  • Intel Boxed Pentium 180 MHz Overdrive processors are backordered again. We do not have an estimated time of arrival. We’ll let you know as soon as we have an eta.
  • A limited supply of Intel Boxed Pentium II 300 MHz processors are available.
  • Intel Boxed R440LX motherboards are starting to come into the authorized distributor market. A few distributors have told us that they are ordering the product in as companies buy from them. Therefore, there is a delay on availability of the product.
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