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January 1997

Friday January 31, 1997

  • We would like to thank Mr. Lam from Georgia Tech. You are a very honest man. Thank you.
  • Grade A Micron Memory is now available through ESC Technology. Our on-line ordering for it will be set up soon. For now, please call us for ordering these memory items.

Thursday January 30, 1997

  • Backorders at distributors for Intel Boxed Pentium 200 MMX’s are increasing in numbers. We’re still taking a list for notification if our backorder number comes up soon.
  • Intel Boxed PR440FX are backordered again until second week of February through some distribution channels. Call for availability since it changes daily.
  • Intel Boxed Pentium Pro 200 Mhz available today. $712 each
  • You asked for Micron memory only so we’re continuing to develop a relationship with Micron. Crucial Technology, a division of Micron Semiconductor Products, Inc is finalizing plans with us today. Soon we’ll have a place where you can specifically request Micron memory, and we’ll send it to you with Free Fed-Ex shipping.

Wednesday January 29, 1997

  • Generic memory prices are still high, but have stayed the same for the last two days.
  • Pentium Pro 180’s and 200’s through the OEM channel have increased in price these past two days. Distributors say that they expect the price to remain high through this week. Pentium Pro 200 Mhz, 512K cache are extrememly difficult to find. Distributors are hoping to receive more from Intel early next week.

Tuesday January 28, 1997

Monday January 27, 1997

  • Our area of Northern California is experiencing rising waters in the rivers and streams again. Many areas in Yuba and Sutter county are being placed on voluntary and mandatory evacuation. Our thoughts are with and best wishes for those families who are having to leave their homes once again this month.
  • If you’re interested in a Pentium Pro system you may want to carefully watch the market. It’s rumored that Intel is going to release the Klamath sooner than expected (early 2nd quarter), which means the Pros will continue to disappear from the market.
  • Memory prices continued to increase today. We decided to switch from generic memory to Techworks memory until the generic prices are more stable. Call for pricing. We’ll get it posted as soon as we can.
  • CPU prices will drop a little this next week. We expect the major change to be with the Pentium 133 MHz. Since MMX CPUs are scarce, it’s doubtful that we’ll see a price change with them.

Friday January 24, 1997

  • We set up an IRC chat room. Please stop in and see who is around. If you are using a 14.4 modem the initial wait may seem slow.
  • Memory prices are increasing. We are seeing a jump of $10 to $15 per module. As of 2:30 pm we are not quoting prices. If you do not have an immediate need for RAM, you might want to consider waiting for the prices to settle down.
  • Where are all the CPU’s?

Over the last few months we’ve seen heavy allocation of Intel CPUs. Currently, Intel Boxed Pentium 200 Mhz with MMX and Pentium Pro’s are extremely scarce.

Estimated time of arrival of the MMX ranges from next week to mid-February for distributors. Intel will ship a limited supply to distributors each month. At least they will be available. We’re told by Intel reps to expect the MMX’s to be tight in the market through 2nd quarter.

Boxed Pentium Pro 200 Mhz are still on backorder from Intel to distributors from August. Boxed Pentium 180’s have more recently become scarce. It depends on the day as to whether they are available.

Boxed Pentium 150’s availability is also limited. Intel stopped manufacturing the Pentium 120’s and 150’s last year, and the surplus is almost gone. 150’s availability changes daily.

There are brokered versions of the MMX, Pentium Pro, and Pentium 120s in the market.

  • Intel’s PR440FX Boxed is still on backorder from Intel to distributors. The OEM version of this board is readily available on the market.

Thursday January 23, 1997

  • Pricing for Intel Pentium microprocessors is expected to decrease significantly on February 1, 1997. Watch pricing very carefully. We are not expecting the newly introduced Pentiums with MMX technology to drop in price.
  • We are reviewing specifications concerning Intel’s BB440FX and other Intel server products.
  • Over the last four days we have been busily benchmarking Pentium Pro systems using motherboards from ASUS, Intel, and SuperMicro. Hopefully this list will grow as we have time to review all the boards that we offer.
  • RAM prices are fluctuating again. In the final hours of the afternoon we saw a 2 – 3% rise and several suppliers were complaining of shortages. It sounded more like gouging.
  • Our hearts go out to the families in Wheatland that had to evacuate due to another break in the levee. We wish all of them well. Yes, it’s raining here again! They are expecting more rain over the next couple of days. Water levels on the river reached 57 feet. Yuck.

Monday January 20, 1997

  • FAQ of the day: "Does the SuperMicro P5STE support the MMX(TM) CPUs?"

The Shipping Revision of the P5STE is 3.0. It supports the 166 MHz and 200 MHz Pentiums with MMX. If you have the 2.0 revision the BIOS will report the 200 MHz as a 166 MHz.

Watch JP11 and make sure the voltage is set to 2.8 (2.9) V. See page 1 – 4 of the manual. Early releases of the manual had misprints.

  • What fan should be used with the OEM 200 MHz Pentium with MMX?

    PC Power & Cooling model 1.9T is a good choice for these CPUs. The 2.3 model is for the Cyrix CPUs.

  • When are the 430TX motherboards going to arrive?

    As soon as Intel publically announces the new chipset, then the manufacturer’s will announce their product. If anyone is interested in seeing a picture of the two BGA packaging used with this chipset, see http://web.archive.org/web/19970228002226/http://www.achme.com/

  • What is the P6T and the P55CT?

    These are the code names for the Overdrive Processors.

  • ASUS announced two enclosures. Yes, actually this is old news for many of you.

Friday January 17, 1997

  • Intel Boxed Pentium 200 MHz with MMX product should be watched very carefully. The major suppliers are already back ordered with estimated times of February or March.
  • Popular Email Questions this week:

    What is the Venus 2 motherboard?
    The Venus 2 motherboard is the Intel VS440FX motherboard with USB support.

    Model Numbers Description
    VS440FX Pentium Pro motherboard
    VS440FX-AA above with audio
    VS440FX-AAUM Pentium Pro, USB, no audio
    VS440FX-UAAM Pentium Pro, USB, and Audio

    Can I use the new MMX CPU in my old motherboard?
    Your motherboard needs a socket 7, support for split dual plane voltage (2.8V), and may require a BIOS upgrade. Always verify your particular motherboard and revision with the manufacturer before installing the CPU.

    What motherboards do you offer that support MMX technology?
    Pentium motherboards offered by ESC that support MMX:
    ASUS P/I-P55T2P4 rev 3.0 or more recent (AT and ATX)
    ASUS P/I-P55TVP4
    Freetech 586F62T and 586F63T
    Intel TC430HX
    SuperMicro P5STE

Wednesday January 15, 1997

Tuesday January 14, 1997

Monday January 13, 1997

  • AMD-K5-PR166 processor was announced today. This is a Socket 7 hardware compatible delivering performance equal to or better than a 166 MHz Pentium.

Thursday January 9, 1997

  • We updated the Benchmark page to include the MMX (TM) CPUs.
  • Heavy purchasing of the Intel Boxed Pentium w/ MMX technology CPUs. For volume purchasers these two products should be watched carefully.

Wednesday January 8, 1997

  • Intel Boxed MMX CPUs are available today. We can accept orders for them. For pricing see: www.einsteinscomputer.com/prodtxt.htm
  • We spoke with several Intel Representatives concerning the availability of product. Intel also wanted to know about the success of the MMX (TM) CPUs. We expressed the need to get greater quantities into the market. We also expressed that many of you have been waiting for these CPUs.

Tuesday January 7, 1997

  • Conversation with Intel about PR440FX and MMX CPUs:

    What will be on the final Boxed PR440FX?
    Intel’s web site has a preliminary specification sheet of the PR440FX listed on their web site. However, there are errors and we don’t know which final options Intel will chose to manufacture the board. Intel motherboard tech support thought that it should have audio (CS4236 Crystal sound); built in SCSI; Lan adapter; and USB. Also, we know that it uses EDO/ECC DIMM modules that are 50 or 60 ns (not 15 or 16 ns as the Intel spec sheet shows). We’ve requested a final spec sheet and are waiting.

    When is the board going to be available?
    Intel released a limited quantity in their 51st work week. Those boards are already committed. Distributors don’t know an estimated time of arrival of more boards.

    When can I get the new MMX 166 and 200 MHz?
    The official release date of information is January 8, 1997. Yes, tomorrow. Unfortunately, Intel and distributors won’t tell us more until then. We’ll have pricing and availability for you as soon as we can.

Monday January 6, 1997

  • We’re moving back to Bridge Street today. Unfortunately, it will take us a few hours drive time then set up of equipment so we can get everything organized again. We thank everyone for their patience.

Friday January 3, 1997

  • Flooding in Yuba County. Our best wishes go out to those families and friends who have and still are re-locating. Over 50,000 people in Yuba and Sutter Counties were placed on mandatory evacuation in the middle of the night. Thank you to all volunteers who are on levee patrol, Coast Guard, Beale AFB, OES, and other public workers.
  • We’re setting up servers, product, testing, and shipping area in a temporary location.

Thursday January 2, 1997

  • Removed inventory and sales orders from building.
  • ESC unable to open for phone business due to State of Emergency. We forwarded telephones to one line at a temporary location, and asked clients to contact us via e-mail only. The Yuba-Sutter district is under a State of Emergency, limiting telephone use to emergency only.
  • Wednesday January 1, 1997

  • Sutter and Yuba counties placed under voluntary evacuation order due to extreme river heights and potential flooding.
  • We went into the ESC center to move servers.
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