XenWord Development in June 2016


XenWord 3.0 is about ready to go to Gold. The release was prepared for today but three new bug reports were posted this morning. It took most of the day to straighten out the issues.

  • BBCodes in XenForo replies
  • Illegal offset in Multisite configurations
  • Conversations & Alerts in WP Toolbar not set for non-Full Friendly URLs

The fix for the illegal offset involved simplifying code: one file was deprecated and the other was pushed to two main lines of code. The conversations bug was nothing more than old code not being updated to use canonical. Finally, the toughest bug involved BBCodes.

The secret was two lines of code:

[pastacode lang=”php” path_id=”4df734f69f705e2c5e6999407130b9f4″ file=”” highlight=”” lines=”” provider=”gist”/]
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