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WebdesignXenWordXenWord Alpha Released

XenWord Alpha Released

XenWord is now available in the download area of the store. This release is marked alpha because it is feature incomplete. The release is installed on Tux Reports, and the front page shows off some of the new features.

This version has very important bug fixes and all sites should be upgraded if the site is using the comment system.

Bug fixes include a fix to the comment system count for WordPress comments. The redirect for logout when clicking on the logout link in the WordPress toolbar has been fixed. Other bug fixes were very minor and found with a new PhpStorm PHP Inspection plugin.

( 108 ) Alpha Release – April 8, 2016

Bug Fix: Line 80 Counts.php
Bug Fix: Changed code for redirects for logout on WP Toolbar
Bug Fix: Access modifiers in class-xenword-redirects.php
PHP Inspection: xenword.php, change to __DIR__
PHP Inspection: class-xenword-activator.php change != to !== and remove two returns
PHP Inspection: class-xenword-deactivator.php remove return, use single quote
PHP Inspection: class-xenword-action-links.php user __DIR__
PHP Inspection: class-xenword-admin-notices.php use single quote, conditional ===
PHP Inspection: /XenForo/Index.php <code>static::getXenForo(); </code>
PHP Inspection: class-xenword-avatars.php Use strpos instead of strstr
PHP Inspection: class-xenword-footer.php Use Yoda statement
PHP Inspection: class-xenword-includes.php static:: instead of $this
PHP Inspection: class-xenword-metabox-forumid.php hardening == to === line 69v

Pre-Sales Questions
Please ask any questions regarding this release in the pre-sales forum.

New Installations

Before installing the XenWord plugin, please make sure you aligned the IDs and user_ids for the administrator, editor, contributor accounts. The www settings for WordPress and XenForo must be the same (including capitalizations). Create WordPress Administrator, WordPress Editor, WordPress Author, and WordPress Contributor user groups in XenForo. After activation, you must set the absolute path to XenForo. Next, turn on advanced user mapping and map the secondary user groups to WordPress roles.

Do NOT use FTP to upload this plugin. Please use the Add New plugin under the WordPress plugins area.

Please do not overwrite older versions of XenWord. Upload the zip file through the plugins–> Add New. Deactivate the older version. Login with your WordPress admin account, activate the new XenWord version. You will be asked to Login with the XenForo admin account. Go through all settings in the XenWord Settings Panel. Save and test.


Please do not open a support ticket or send a private message. If you run into issues then please open a new thread in the support forums. It’s vital that you add as much information as possible to help figure out the issue.

New documentation for the latest alpha versions is slowly being uploaded. Video and screenshots may vary based on the release, therefore, feel free to post any suggestions and request clarification in the support forums.

I appreciate all of the feedback so that XenWord is improved.

XenWord is a simple, incrementally developed bridge between XenForo community forums and WordPress. Development began in the summer of 2013 with the initial release available in January 2014.

Author, blogger, and researcher interested in human behaviors.

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