WordPress 4.7 Is Available


WordPress 4.7 is now available for upgrading an established site. The notice should be in the Dashboard -> Updates area.

Local upgrades have been going fine throughout the early release cycles but today’s upgrade had a hiccup on this site. In particular, get_user_locale failed twice. The first time was on the about.php page and the second was in loading the update-core.php page.

It took page refreshes to move past the error messages. The database appears to have upgraded properly and the site doesn’t seem to be hampered.

After WordPress 4.7, the WordPress release cycle is going to radically change in 2017. Mr. Mullenweg explained the other day that he’s going to take over as project lead and there will be no definite time lines. Instead, the project will focus on feature sets being completed.

XenWord 3.2 and above appear to be working well with WordPress 4.7 and XenForo 1.5.11.