Microsoft acquires Acompli


Re/code posted about the acquisition first but it looks like Microsoft has officially announced their purchase of Acompli, a company focused on mobile email. According to the Acompli blog post, “Right around this time we began conversations with the folks at Microsoft about how we could go farther by integrating the capabilities of their Office 365 platform into our product while continuing to provide amazing support for email and file services from Apple, Dropbox, Google, and Box.”

Those of you familiar with the product know the blog post which kicked off the company still says it all about the company vision.

You could say that I learned everything I know about enterprise IT from watching the movie Tron. No, not the 2011 version (please). I mean the ORIGINAL 1982 classic in which a pre-Lebowski Jeff Bridges gets digitized into a computer …

Best of luck Acompli.