What commercials should Microsoft make next?


Microsoft seems to have found its commercial making groove. First there was Kylie. And now Lauren shops for a computer under $1000. Both are winners.

It makes me wonder what Microsoft might do next.

One thing I’d suggest is to shy away from sticking with the price argument. Instead, come out with a series of commercials that emphasize the various aspects of owning a Windows-based machine. In fact, I’d like to see the commercials become even more aspirational. In other words, show people picking out machines that reach their goals, whether it’s going to college, starting a new business, or getting into technology or joinging Facebook for the first time and so on.

For instance, what about a commercial with Mike and his Dad that go shopping for a school computer that Mike can carry with him from class to class, keep up with family and friends on Facebook while away at school, and a personal favorite of Mike’s: use to draw his comics–yes, Mike wants to be a Marvel-class artist. Of course, we’re talking Tablet PC here. Lot’s of possibilities here.

Here’s another scenario that could have an Extreme Makeover feel about it: A teacher talks about what computers they’d like to use in their class.

Again, there’s an offer to provide the equipment–whatever they want. In this case the teacher is looking for something ink-enabled which they could use for class presentations, or the students could use for taking notes or doing their homework on, or for let’s say for field work or displaying sheet music or whatever, or equipment that the class could use to receive and submit their homework with, or the teacher could use to control the content of and share their presentations with (ie, reference some 3rd party apps here). Anyway, there are a bunch of possibilities in terms of the infrastructure. I don’t know, touch might make sense here too. I imagine a commercial like this could be quite inspiring.

Several years back I remember people online advocating for Tablet PC commercials like this that spoke to the benefits of using them. Maybe it’s time.

What commercials would you like to see?

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[…] Maybe that makes a bit of sense. Maybe the deck is stacked here. But that makes me wonder, why isn’t Microsoft touting Tablet PCs where there’s no doubt about Microsoft leading Apple? Why isn’t there a Teacher category? Or a scenario for students? These would be excellent scenarios for Tablet PC adoption. […]


[…] Maybe next time. I still this Microsoft should make a commercial more like one of these that really showcases the Tablet PC and its advantages. […]