Google thinks I’m bad–should I stop using Google?


When I switched my blog from Movable Type to WordPress, I double posted for awhile because many people, and TechMeme in particular, weren’t picking up my new RSS feed. Turns out Google didn’t like that and started labelling all of the links to my old blog as potentially “harmful.”

What a joke. What’s so ridiculous is that there are several sites that continually ripoff my content (in part or in total) and Google not once labels them as malicious. Is that because they have Google ads on them and spam or not Google makes money from them? I’m beginning to wonder.

Instead, Google thinks my blog is bad.

After months of asking Google to remove their warning from my site listings, I’m at an impass.

What should I do? Nothing?

I think not.

When you’re not treated well by a company, typically, what do you do? Move on. I think I’ve given Google enough time to address the issue. It’s been going on since February and nothing has happened outside of one email saying that it might take several weeks.

So here’s what I’m thinking. Google is so insistent on asserting that I’m bad, that I’m now asking myself why in the world I keep using them as my default search engine? Live Search doesn’t think I’m bad. Yahoo doesn’t either for that matter. It’s just Google.

I’m a little bit uneasy to remove Google search. I’ve been using Google for so long it’s like a lifeline. However, Live Search results are pretty good nowadays, so I think I could survive. Hmmm.

What do you think? Should I change all my search engine defaults? Or give Google a few more months and just take the slap in the face every time I search for my archived content on Google? Eh.