Is that an iTablet hiding in full view at WWDC?



What better place to hide something than in full view. So it was with great curiosity that I’ve been digging through some photos taken at Moscone–home of next week’s WWDC event.

I wondered: Might there be hints in the numerous banners going up as to whether Apple will be releasing an Apple MID or Tablet? Hmmm. Not that I can tell.

I even decided to dig into one photo behind the registration counter that purports to show a MacBook Air and an iPhone. But is that really an iPhone? Or might it be something else? A MID perhaps??

I decided to dig further. First, I corrected for the perspective in the image and then knowing the width of the Air to be 12.8″ I calculated out the width of the “iPhone” in the image.


Rats, it came out to 4.5″ x 2.4″ the exact dimensions of the currently shipping iPhone. Oh well, no secret clues here.