CrunchTablet proof of concept teaser photo


Michael Arrington and crew are giving us a tease this weekend over the progress of their TechCrunch Tablet.

So far there’s not much to see or use. They have a box with a computer inside, touch display, and some software. No details though, just a teaser photo and some high level specs. They did say, “We booted the machine in the case for the first time today, accessed the Wifi network and were able to navigate a web page via the touch screen.” Details I’m guessing will follow once they learn a bit more.

What does it mean to “navigate to a web page via the touch screen,” for instance? Did they enter a URL with an onscreen keyboard, or just navigate to the “Home” page?

That’s OK; this is just their first stab at a device like this and like with everyone else in the world, it’s going to take a little experimenting to get the issues in hand.

The display, for instance, is temporary. I’m guessing the touch implementation is too. They’re using a 12″ display for now, which sounds relatively large and I’m guessing the touch digitizer is resistive–that would be the least expensive approach, but I doubt that this would lead the kind of experience they want.

It’s good to see the age of the Homebrew is not completely gone.