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Technology CompaniesAppleFrom PowerPoint to DyKnow: A View from the Ski Slopes

From PowerPoint to DyKnow: A View from the Ski Slopes

Dave Berque outlines a five day sequence for a teacher to go from making PowerPoint presentations to using DyKnow’s many layers of powerful instructional aides.

Day 1: Start with a PowerPoint slide, then highlight, underline and optionally annotate these notes for emphasis. (Here’s an aLEAP based explanation of what he said. He’s using behavioral principles that people learn by going from something known to something unknown and using redundant cues – highlights, underlines, etc. – to make it more likely that learners will pay attention to the content with those cues. His sequence also starts on Day 1 with Stage 1 of how people learn. Behavioral scientists described these principles as results from empirical, experimental research studies and assembled them into aLEAP, a Learning Efficiency Analysis Paradigm. aLEAP presents a map of observable behavior patterns during three stages, five processes, and 12 choices people use to learn as demonstrated by one or more of five generic outcomes.)

Day 2: Students start interacting with teacher presentations through DyKnow.

Days 3-5 add simple steps consistent with the learning principle that people learn by going from simple to complex behavior patterns.

Kudos, Dave. You make learning to use DyKnow into a reasonable series of behavior patterns (one of five generic behavior pattern outcomes). I look forward to your report on teachers’ responses to this sequence. (I hope you don’t mind the annotations I added. aLEAP demonstrated why you are a star professor and researcher.)

Thanks, Rob, for pointing me to Dave’s post.

Berque, D. PowerPoint to DyKnow. Posted in DyKnow Blog, March 23, 2010.

Heiny, R. aLEAP Toward Automatic Learning Analysis with Tablet PCs. Posted by The Tablet PC In Education Blog , November 29, 2009 at 12:09 AM. (I’ll post more about the stages, choice points, etc. of learning soon. It’s on a site I’m developing separately. Let me know if you have Qs about aLEAP before it’s posted.)

Layne Heinyhttp://www.layneheiny.com
LPH is a high school physics teacher interested in the Apple iPad and iPhone, Microsoft Surface, Tablet PCs, and other mobile devices. He resides with one large dog who begs for pizza, hamburgers, French fries, and anything else on the dinner table.

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