Google Chrome is not Tablet and touch friendly


I’ve been using Google Chrome since yesterday, not that long, but I’m finding it to be OK as a slimmed down browser. I’m even typing this post with it right now.

I will say, that so far, it appears that the browser is too keyboard/mouse centric for me. I think it could be designed better for a touch device (or Tablet PC device). I see that Michael Arrington is thinking of using Chrome with their TechCrunch Tablet which supports touch. I’m skeptical that it’s going to work well without changes.

Here are three issues I see of the bat:

1) Take scrolling for example. On a touch device you’re limited to using the scrollbar. As anyone that’s used touch a lot, this is passable, but not ideal.

2) The TIP button on a Tablet PC works in the Omnibox, but doesn’t automagically work in web page edit fields. Here again, I think there are so many elegant solutions just waiting to be implemented. Check out IE to see how the address field could work better. And somewhere out there I have posts showing how ink can be integrated better into web pages–I think the samples I have all run in Firefox. If I didn’t have chemo brain right now, I’d hunt down the links 🙂

3) UMPCs and the like often have small screens where fonts can get mighty tiny. An easily accessible zoom feature is needed. Right now to zoom you have to use the keyboard or drill down into the Page menu. The iPhone shows that this is not even close to being the right implementation.

Do you see any others?

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[…] does not support Tablet PCs or UMPCs or any touch screen device. And that’s basically what Incremental Blogger is saying.  I will say, that so far, it appears that the browser is too keyboard/mouse […]

14 years ago

Depending on the display resolution, Cancel buttons, etc may get cut off of dialog boxes. At 800×480 I noticed this happened.