HP tries to update its look


This CNet article caught my attention. It describes how HP is working to update the industrial design of their notebooks.

That’s sounds like a good thing to do.

But the following paragraph in the article knocked me off the couch:

“One thing HP doesn’t have is a so-called “halo product,” the PC equivalent of a concept car that doesn’t sell in large volumes but draws consumers to the brand, [Current Analysis analyst Sam] Bhavnani said. Dell has its XPS products and Toshiba has its Qosmio laptops, but HP doesn’t really have an equivalent product, he said.”

Actually, they have–the TC1100 Tablet PC. Not only does the TC1100 have a strong fan base among the Tableteers, its become of a bit of a star in Hollywood. Check out the next episode of the hit show 24. I bet you’ll see a TC1100 appearance. I’m guessing that the TC1100 has become the number one choice for TV and movie sets. Need a computer that someone can walk around with that looks cool? Get the TC1100.

What’s funny about the Bhavnani’s statement though is that HP doesn’t get the success of the TC1100 either. It’s partially because they don’t consider the TC1100 a “consumer” system. Go figure.