Tablet Community is flourishing


Is it just me or is the Tablet Community on fire right now?

Look around.

There’s the new true-ink blog, WindowsWithInk.

And, then there’s Denis Rice’s new Travelin’ with Tablet Guy blog.

And did you see this wonderfullly illustrated review of ArtRage and Sketchbook by Chad Essley?


  1. A few more blogs (that will fizzle out) and a plastic-toy adveture romp, with the same insider-baseball tech-conference-crowd as at launch basically, with MVPs mainly running the game, as their own branding of personal power, with the odd sort of developer here and there, does not make for a “Community”. When you have Tablet Meets in any major city in the USA, then you will have the rough outlines of a “Community”.

  2. Hi Chris,

    I agree that it’s important to be weary of the echo-chamber that the online world often gets stuck within.

    Bob and I were talking yesterday about visiting some user groups–with the goal of showcasing InkGestures and a couple other programs–and we realized how much we need to do to better understand where it’s best to spend our efforts.

    Our thoughts so far: Start local and be opportunistic about visiting groups outside of the Phoenix area. No matter what, we’re going to have to put our travelling shoes on.