Will InkGestures work in non-English systems?


Currently InkGestures only supports English versions of the Tablet PC OS and Word. However, in less than 24 hours from the time we posted the first beta, we had a handful of requests to support other languages. The top two requested languages at this time are German and Korean. I’m guessing that French would be another top request, although I haven’t received any.

Anyway, this got me thinking over the weekend about how to best modify InkGesturs–if possible–to support multiple languages. There are two primary issues in supporting a variety of languages. One is in terms of the Office menu strings and such that the InkGestures Addin looks for. These, I believe can be placed in a text file. The other part of the equation is providing gestures that make sense when editing these other languages. This is going to take some learning on my part. I imagine that I’ll need to provide more control over the recognition process or the actions that take place when a gesture is recognized.

Thanks everyone that tried out InkGestures and stumbled across the internationalization problem. I’m going to see what I can do. It reminds me of how international the Tablet PC is.


  1. I test it today on My M200 (Tablet PC 2005 french and Office 2003 SP2 French)
    The button “Start gestures is in toolbar but when i click it i can’t convert cursor in red dot to begin gestures.
    I don’t know how i can enable inkgesture …

    If you need something to find the problem, let me know (and to translate it too !)

  2. Yeah, the button won’t operate in a non-English system. We are making changes now to support other languages, however, we definitely could use some help translating the text strings.

    I’ll email you.

    Thanks for the offer!