ArsTechnica reviews the Nokia 770


ArsTechnica has an indepth review of the non-Tablet Tablet, the Nokia 770.

How does it fare? So so. The review concludes:

“For the next iteration of the Internet Tablet, Nokia needs to do three things: improve the performance of the hardware (preferably with a faster CPU and more RAM), improve the e-mail application, and include more PDA-like functionality. Until that happens, the Nokia 770 will continue to fall short of its potential.”

As a general “computing” device it sounds like the Nokia 770 falls short, particularly in terms of horsepower. However, I do see from the article that one of its positives is the Internet browsing experience. With all the competition in the Web 2.0 space there might be some compelling possibilities here that make a device such as this highly desirable. This is where the developers are going to have to step up and help out.

I also imagine that content providers are going to make a difference too. We need more movies, TV shows, and other seemlessly, downloadable content. I’m guessing though that the iPod family products are going to lead the market here, rather than the Nokia Tablet. We’ll have to see.