Surfing for copy editor bloggers


After accumulating links from various Tablet enthusiasts about the ink gestures add-in for Microsoft Word, I began to wonder, “What do people outside of the Tabletsphere think? What about professional copy editors?”

So off I went to Google and Technorati.

There are a couple great blogs that focus on the copy editor world. Author and Washington Post copy editor Bill Walsh pens the Blogslot. And Nicole Stockdale of the Wichita Eagle posts here copy-editing tips at “A Capital Idea.” These are just two of a half a dozen copy-editing focused blogs. Judging from their comment activity and Google ranking, they appear to be quite popular.

A couple quick Google searches and it doesn’t appear that any of them have ever blogged about the Tablet. I’m not very surprised. So for now, I’ll try good ‘ole email and see what they say. I’ll let you know if I get any responses.